Faith Oyedepo warns against sexual immorality

Preaching Against Sexual Immorality, Faith Oyedepo Explains Why It Ought to Be Avoided

Mrs Faith Oyedepo, the wife of Bishop David Oyedepo in a recent post on her Official Twitter profile, offers an important message to Christians on why they need to run from evil.

She remarked that there is a scourge of HIV sweeping the nations of the Earth, for instance, and it is mostly a product of the sin of sexual immorality; more awful diseases will still develop.
That’s why avoiding sin is so important; it can turn you into an easy mark for disease.
This is a really significant information because it presents a clear reason why we need to keep away from sin.

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God despises evil and wrongdoing in any shape or form.
You can forget about getting into paradise if you engage in such behavior.
And if you have fallen into sin, you need to ask God for forgiveness now before it is too late.
He is consistently available and welcoming.

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