Four Things That Came to my Heart as I Saw Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on The Altar With Prophet Uebert Angel – Bishop Wisdom Irabor Reveals

Bishop Wisdom Irabor founding Bishop of Answers Assembly Warri a ministry dedicated to emancipating men from satanic chains and leading them into their enviable destiny, has disclosed four things that came to his heart as he saw Prophet Uebert on the altar with pastor Chris.

1. Never submit to a father that is against the prophetic ministry, if you are into the prophetic. Unless you are led to. One statement from a father you project against your ministry style, is enough to confuse your followers.

2. Stop forcing yourself on fathers that has vowed never to believe in the prophetic ministry.

They will take your offering and leave you with your suffering. They will believe anything evil they hear about your operations. Because they don’t believe in the genuiness of the prophetic.

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3. Any father who cannot openly and publicly identify with you by either giving you opportunity to minister, or speak well of your kind of ministry, will do more harm and damage to your ministry. Immediately, Pastor Chris gave him the mic to prophesy on the altar of Christ Embassy, I felt differently about Prophet URBERT ANGEL. If your father preaches against your ministry pattern, directly or indirectly, you need to run for your life.

4. If you have found favour, platform and access before a father, as a prophet with too many stories around your life,  whether correct or incorrect, you must do everything within your power to work on your circle very well. Avoid everyone that even a blind man can see that he is not living right. There is a way that Prophet UEBERT ANGEL will behave and that Altar will become a no go area for him. From the moment, he started pursuing the mantle of PST Chris OYAKHILOME, if you are sensitive, you will discover he has changed his circle.

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Stop misbehaving and be looking for the father to use as a collateral for your misbehaviours.

Be blessed.

Bishop Irabor Wisdom.

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