Fr. Oluoma has advised Ladies on the need to cut money used to buy costly beauty attire – see what he said

Fr. Oluoma has taken to his verified Facebook page to share the video of a message he delivered on the several ways in which human beings have made all things complex for themselves. As shared by the cleric, in the name of trying to attract men, some ladies have gone a long way to acquire very costly hair attachments for themselves which some of these men do not w much cost in the market.

As shared by the cleric, from 2:49 time into the video, he has revealed that things used to be very simple until the recent generations. Some women these days spend a whole lot of money trying to make themselves attractive. They go along to buy very costly attire, most especially the very popular and costly bone straight hair. According to the cleric, the men that some of them try to attract with this costly attire can not differentiate between a costly and a cheap hair attachment hence their elaborate fashion lifestyle is irrelevant.

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The cleric has advised that some of the money used to buy such costly beauty attires could be used to purchase landed properties that would be advantageous for them now and in the future. If hair attachment could be purchased at the rate of 500,000 and up to 1.5,000,000, how much more could a plot of land be sold? It is better to invest your money on landed properties.

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