Fr. Oluoma tells members that the statement ‘you will be the head and not the tail’ is wrong, Gives Reason

A priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Reverend Father Oluoma Chinenye John in a video on his verified Facebook handle few hours ago, told his members that the statement ‘you will be the head and not the tail’ is wrong. He gave his reason for saying so.

According to Reverend Father Oluoma from the video: “Excess money brings some dangers to you. In 1 Timothy 6: 7, what did you bring into the world? Nothing! What can we take out of the world? Nothing! So if we have food and clothes, that should be enough for us. But those who look forward to getting rich, fail into temptation and are caught in the trap of many foolish desires, which will bring them down.

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“So my question is, why are you people not reading this portion of the Bible? The only scripture you see is you will be the head and not the tail. And when they quote that verse, they don’t quote the complete thing.

“Let me tell you, there is nothing like that. Since they have being telling you that, are you now the head? So if you are the head, who will be the tail? Some people are not even close to the tail as we speak. It is a selfish desire that your brother will be the tail and you, the head.

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“They didn’t tell you that for you to enjoy that kind of blessing, you need to keep all the commandments for God. Don’t make wealth you dream or goal in life. Just go about your Father’s work and He will bless the works of your hand according to your capacity.

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