God didn’t tell Satan to tempt Job, this is what he said – Pastor Abel Damina reveals

The Founder of Power City International, Pastor Dr. Abel Damina in a video posted on YouTube minutes ago, explained that God didn’t tell Satan to tempt Job. He gave some Bible verses to back his statement.

According to Pastor Dr. Abel Damina from the video: “Every time something happens, it is either God, Man or Angels (Satan). For you to know which of them is responsible, you must know their limits and their mode of operation. This is important so you don’t give God credit for what Satan has done and vice visa.

“Look at the case of Job in the Bible for example. Many people believe Job did nothing and then God and Satan agreed to try him. People think it was God that called Satan to try Job. I want you to know that God doesn’t do business with Satan, they are not mates. Satan is an enemy to God’s children and as such, is an enemy of God.

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“In the account of Job in the Bible, you will discover that Job had the spirit of fear and what happened to him was his expectation. In Job 3:26 and Job 1:5, Job said the things he greatly feared have come up against him.

“Fear connects you to your expectation, fear connects you to the object of your fear. If you are living in fear, you are living in faith in what you fear. If you are afraid of dying, that fear connects you to death. If you are afraid of failure, that fear connects you to failure”.

Source: Opera News

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