“God Told me to Wear 7 Agbadas And Asked me to Dance For 5 Minutes” – Pastor E. A Adeboye Reveals The Origin of His Mantle Impartation 

Pastor E. A. Adeboye while preaching on the topic “DOUBLE PORTION” at the HOLY GHOST CONGRESS 2022 Day 5 Evening Session, revealed to his members the origin of his impartation.

He said

“Several years ago in the first auditorium, God told me to wear 7 agbadas. He knows I don’t like agbada; he asked me to wear 7. If I don’t know his voice I will say, “what kind of joke is this?” But I obeyed Him. He asked me to dance for 5 minutes. 

“I did. Then he asked me to spread the agbadas across the altar. He asked me to tell those who were present then that they were to come and touch; that the anointing of God will go into them and solve their problems. He told them to touch not to hold. 

“One man thought, “if touching is going to solve problems …” He said he had many problems, “… he wasn’t going to touch; he was going to hold.” As he grabbed one of the agbadas, the power of God grabbed him and began to shake him like a dog shaking a rat.

“At that time, I left the place by 8am, went to my prayer room. By 5pm, they came to knock at my door because the power of God was still shaking this man and he was about to die. I had to go and pray because he was released. 

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