Good News For Believers As Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals What Will Happen To Them Before The Year Ends

The power of prophecy and manifestations of the words in it cannot be quantified. It is more than what a prayer warrior would be able to contain whenever his/her prayers have been answered through the act of prophecy declared.

Upon this, Apostle Joshua Selman has revealed some of the things that would happen to devoted believers before the year runs to an end.

As shared by Ndepo Tv, the cleric has delivered some powerful prophetic declarations concerning the life of believers by releasing their destiny helpers to locate them between now and the end of the year.

As shared by the cleric, every man has his/her family, which they are committed to taking care of.

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But, in a situation where such a person leaves his/her family and focuses on someone other than his relatives to help, it takes more than just mere prayers, it has transcends to powerful prophecies. The cleric has prayed for believers that, such a blessing, shall locate them as the year rolls by.

The cleric has also decreed into the life of believers that, the year would not run out without their helpers locating them for good favour and blessings.

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