A group of people could not stand the presence of God after so many days of preparation (they were the Israelites of Exodus 19).
They took out days to prepare to meet the Lord and hear him speak (Exo 19:10 And the Lord said to Moses, “Go down and solemnly charge the people, and sanctify them today and tomorrow, and let them wash their garments.)
He came and told them and they did as the Lord has spoken. The people kept themselves very clean, well sanctified, set apart just to meet the Lord but when the D-day came,

 They trembled when He spoke. They could not even stand his Presence nor His voice. They could not for one minute harbour the presence of God because it was heavy and more than them to contain.

But one man (Moses) went in and out the presence of God freely and without fear.
What made him different to the extend that he could access that presence in and out like that?
This man had the capacity to harbour the presence of God.

His spiritual man had gained strength and stamina because of His intimacy with God.

 Constant fellowship made God speak with him as a man speaking with another face to face. 

This Generation need people who can harbour the presence of God . The only thing that can make one to harbour that presence is deep intimacy and constant fellowship with the Holy spirit that is a constant studies and meditation of the word of God mingled with worship, fasting and prayers and a consistent walk in the ways of Christ .

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The more we wait in His presence, the more He conditions us to carry his presence. What I mean is dwelling constantly in his presence makes us addicted to His presence and nature.. There is no way God can work on us when we are away from that secret place or that meeting place with Him. Our characters, our spiritual lives and our everything is shaped in the place of intimacy. It is a place where we die completely to self and rise up in the very nature of Christ. In this place, we grow in His nature and likeness.

The place of intimacy with God is that place where we can truly yield to rebukes without getting angry about it.
It is in that place that we discover our uniqueness and purpose and also receive the help to carry out our God given assignments.

In that place God brings out the best from within a man.

It is in that same place that He pours out Himself in a man and makes man become a visible expression of God.I

t is a place of investment.God invest himself in a man and the man pours and invests himself in God to the extent that He becomes like God. No wonder Jesus says in John 15:7 that we should abide in His word while His word abide in us.

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I’m sure the Apostles understood this. That’s why they constantly remained in the presence of God. They had that hot desire for God and they backed it up with consistency in fellowship. The early Church so much understood this. They knew they had alot that could only disappear in the presence of God. So they waited in the presence so that their minds be renewed, die to self and allow the presence of God to fill them up to the brim.
They were filled constantly, renewed, empowered, strengthen, shaped, rebuked, instructed in that place of intimacy or fellowship by the Spirit of the Holy God of Israel.

We need to understand that the man at work in this place is the the Holy Spirit. There He speaks, he comfort, he rebukes, he builds, He instruct. All these is to build up our inner man to be able to harbour the presence of God and have a constant relationship which is intimate with the Father.

Look at these people in Exodus 19. Yes these people were the Royal and chosen people. They belonged to the God of Heaven. But to these people, all that mattered was that God is their Father but God wanted them to invest their time in him individually and personally yet these people saw it as not their duty. That which happened when the Lord spoke was a prove of them not spending quality time with God. They could not stand his presence because they had not learn how to dwell in his presence individually.

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Our bond with God increases and solidifies when we get closer and closer to Him in that place of intimacy.

Our generation needs people with such encounter as Moses. People who will turn the world upside down not because they have Mastered every line of the scriptures or copied from others but because they have spent time in that place of intimacy having fellowship with the Holy spirit and through His word, He is constantly bringing transformation to their inside that affects their outside and also is revealing their uniqueness to them.
This Generation need soldiers that have studied the word and tarred in prayers to the extent that they have caught fire from within and can no longer hold it but allow it to burst out through every part of their beings.

You can host God in your Generation and make Him visible Just like Peter and John did when they met the lame man at the beautiful gate in Act 3.
May the Lord help us not to be seers only of that which He is doing in this time but also to be partakers of the things He is doing in this generation.

Have a constant relationship and intimacy with the Father so that you can harbor and enjoy God in your generation. Yes! Let Him become your reality.


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My Passion for The Gospel bought about this great Platform.. I love to share the Good News. That's my PASSION. I don't believe the Gospel should be boring. Nobelie is so exclusive. You won't find what we offer any where else. You ask a friend.

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