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Phase 3, Tuesday Evening, Day 7

Pastor Chris:

We have the victory!!
Over the forces of darkness…
Over the demons of Hell
In every nation we have victory over them.
In every city, we have victory over them.

Our God hears and answers prayers. He is the only true God. The living God.

Q&A segment
Q: Revelation 20:10, Pastor Deola made mention of the False Prophet, not false prophets.
If a man commits suicide trying to escape the mark of the beast, is he still going to hell?

A: There is definite person called the False Prophet. This is the spokesperson of the Antichrist and miracle worker. He is also the second beast, who makes others worship the beast.

During the tribulation period, some refused to take the Mark of the beast… So it is possible to refuse without committing suicide. Someone doesn’t need to take his own life..it’s like running away from persecution…and that’s unbelief’ and that’s fear. The first set of people to get into hell are the unbelieving and the fearful. God doesn’t want his people afraid.

Q: Is one’s salvation recognized by God if it is out of Fear of the great tribulation and not out of genuine belief

A: It would be genuine belief. It is the fear of God who is bringing judgement to the world. So it is correct because it is the fear of God. If that’s not enough to get you to receive salvation, what else is going to get your attention?
Jesus said ‘pray that you would be worthy to escape these things’.
The message of the tribulation is not from man but from God. Don’t let anyone deceive you that it isn’t genuine.

(Recap of yesterday)
FOR CLARITY from yesterday… The woman riding the beast is EUROPA…not the great city.

Revelation 17:1-
What the focus was, was the JUDGEMENT of the great Harlot that sat in many waters.
He was dealing with religion/spiritual harlotry.
Verse 3-5 is a vision of the woman sitting on the BEAST, not the woman on many waters.

Remember the purpose of this vision: It’s about the JUDGEMENT of the great whore.

Verse 9: He is talking about the beast and the woman that rides him.

Europa is Europe.
Remember Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. Because the feet of the image is a mixture of Iron and Clay, they can never be put together. (Daniel 2:36 down)
In Daniel 7:23, God showed Daniel his own interpretation. He saw 4 beasts.
The 4th beast would be a 4th kingdom on earth.
It was different from all the others (the leopard, bear and lion)
Daniel 7:24- the 10 horns are 10 kings.
(Remember the Giants…they had 6 fingers and 6 toes on each)
This image doesn’t state whether the feet of Iron and Clay had 10 toes.
It doesn’t show how many toes were Iron or how many were Clay.
That’s not the message He tried to pass across.
Study Daniel’s language.
Dan 7:4-7. What does this mean that the 4th beast had 10 horns?
Remember, the interpretation is always what matters, not exactly what the man saw.
Back to verse 23-24: they were 10 kings that SHALL ARISE from this 4th and strongest kingdom (Rome).. not ‘that make up the 4th kingdom’.
Where did Rome cover? Europe. (There are parts of North Africa too, but the major area is Europe).
Verse 25- another one Will arise… The metamorphosis of the ANTICHRIST.

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There was something significant about Nebuchadnezzar’s dream
Daniel 2:41-43
This is about the last kingdom to come after Rome as a world power, (especially in dealing with Israel)
This kingdom would be partly strong and partly fragile.
Verse 23
As you saw Iron mixed with Clay, They will mingle with the seed of men …. (God is giving us a clue). This book was written in Aramaic…. Let’s use the Jerusalem Bible or Complete Jewish Bible to check it out. (They will cement their alliances by intermarriages but they won’t stick together anymore)

Look at the history of Europe and the Monarchy of Europe. They were never United…they used intermarriages to try to get United ( This is just an observation. It’s not the political leaders that are doing these intermarriages, it’s the monarchs). This has been going on for a long time. And now there are 10 Monarchies in Europe right now.
Note that this is just an Observation worth noting.

Revelations 17: 12-13 (They will give their power and authority to the beast)
Remember in Daniel’s vision, 3 will be overpowered.. this supposes that the ANTICHRIST will join the remaining 7 and become the 8th.

Revelation 17:14- this shows that we will come with Jesus to the earth at the second Advent.
Verse 15. This is the woman in verse 1 who sits on waters (people’s, nations, tongues)
Verse 16-17 The 10 horns are on the beast, not on the woman. (The 10 kings)… They will hate the harlot (the one sitting on the waters).
How will they make her desolate and Naked???
Somehow these 10 would unite in a sense, and give their KINGDOM (not kingdoms) to the beast…until the words of God are fulfilled.
The 10 kings are from Europe.
The woman riding the beast is Europe.
Verse 18: The Woman on the water is being referred to here as that great city.

Think: in Greek mythology, they know that ZEUS was attracted to Europa the prostitute sitting on the beach. Europa gave birth to a half human, half bull.
(See pictures of the 2 Euro coin, and the statue in front of the EU building)
Europe is completely conflicted. Think of the policies coming out of Europe today.
There are so many Hedonistic activities in Europe. So much persecution took place there. Currently so many churches are empty there.
Jeremiah 51:11-13 (Mystery Babylon)

When the Children of Israel were taken captive to Babylon, remember what they suffered.

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Tomorrow we will see how Europe imported so many things from Babylon…including the Esther Gate which they take Exiles through all the way to the temple of Baal. The gate was known as the gate of Hell.

A German archeologist, went to Iraq, excavated that gate… The gate of Hell…. And took it to Berlin. So the gate of Hell today sits in Berlin.

People don’t understand the significance of the things they do. They just do things. They don’t care. Spirits attach themselves to gates and altars because they are significant.

Revelations 17:18… The woman is That City which reigns… PRESENT TENSE… (currently in John’s time- ROME)
Rome was the seat of the world’s religion at the time. The emperor was both king and priest. Even the Popes consecrated the emperors as the ‘Holy Roman Emperor’.

So, what will be the end of Rome and it’s religiosity?
What’s Rome responsible for? One world religion (which they are calling for today).
Who were the first to support the cancellation of church meetings? Religious leaders.

This Harlot had been in league with the kings all these many years. But after the 10 kings give their power, He will claim to be God and won’t need them. That is why they will hate the harlot.
No one would worship God in relationship with Rome anymore… Everyone would be confessing their sins to the beast. And sin would be only breaking the Antichrist’s rule.. this Rome/(the Vatican) would be left desolate and empty.

Revelations 18:1- (another parenthetical narrative)
Verse 3:Rome is Rich with abundant luxury.
Verse 4:This voice is not calling people to come out of Europe, but out of Rome.
(This happens in the 2nd three and half years)
Verse 18-19: That City will be burned. (In one hour)
Verse 20-24: while they are weeping on earth, Heaven will rejoice.

The Word of God is not for legislation.
You believe in it and you act on it.
You don’t decide which one you believe in.
God is the one who tells you what is true.
These scriptures today circled in on Europe and Rome.
Question is… Is Europe being raped today? Maybe.
Because they think they are somehow descendants of Zeus who was a demon.
Then you can understand why the atrocious, Hedonistic lifestyle and so much hatred against Jesus and so much legislation against Anything relating to Jesus…. Because of the spirit of Babylon.

Everyone who is a child of God in Europe should pray for the salvation of souls, Because judgement is coming.
The day will come when Europe will destroy the Vatican because they don’t believe in the Vatican.
Now you understand what you are up against. We are wrestling for the souls of men and rescuing men from the hands of demons.

Paul said ‘God has given me an open door for the gospel, but there are many adversaries’. Same is true today. Christians in Europe must pray. You have to understand where we are!
We need to be more strategic in the realm of the spirit. We are engaged in a warfare.
The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

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What are you going to do with your life?
What I shared with you is not preached everyday. It’s not about Denomination. The Bible talked about cities and structures and kings and kingdoms and angels, demons and devils..not about Denomination.

If you want to receive Jesus the Bible way, do it right now.
Romans 10:9-10. This is the Bible way.

In other news:
Having people locked in, is not really helping the fight against Covid 19 (video play by Fox news). What’s the science behind staying indoors?
The study that has taken place by the Journal of the American Medical association shows that the virus is more concentrated when people are locked inside. But being outside is far safe because of fresh air and exercise. After the 1918 influenza , it was suggested that people should spend as much time as possible outside.
Politicians know this, but they are enjoying the control that fear is bringing…
Also a lot of leaders don’t read anything.
Now there are protests in many cities…and except the governments of many cities allow the people go outside, the protests will become overwhelming. Even police men and soldiers get hungry.
During Exams in school… Those who were prepared for exams didn’t like strikes. Don’t who weren’t were always happy. This is an exam of life, allow people go outside.

In South Africa and USA, there are riots already.
Facebook is trying to hide the videos. But when people are hungry and angry, you can’t stop them.
This lockdown is so illegal. (Another video play out)
Among the new laws in these countries, they included that it is forbidden to say anything against Covid-19. Or any policy of the government concerning it… WHAT??? SO WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BILL OF RIGHTS???
(Remember the obnoxious Decree 4 of Nigeria)
Those laws must be abrogated because they are illegal. (Even though most people don’t know those laws are there).
But the Constitution and the Bill of rights remains the same in good times and in bad times. Otherwise it brings the idea that the people are imprisoned by laws that were not there before. Then those laws are drafted to imprison the people.

Policy makers! It’s about time!!! LET THE PEOPLE OUT!!!!!

This is the last day of the fasting period for the Pastors.

We will take a 2 day break.
From Friday, we will do more programs with you.
We will continue the Study from Friday and we will keep praying but we won’t fast (save for a few of us).

Thank you very much.
God bless you again and again.

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My Passion for The Gospel bought about this great Platform.. I love to share the Good News. That's my PASSION. I don't believe the Gospel should be boring. Nobelie is so exclusive. You won't find what we offer any where else. You ask a friend.

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