How 7 Brother Mysteriously Died After They Married The Same Lady – Apostle Mike Orokpo Reveals

Nigerian televangelist teacher, Apostle Micheal Orokpo, shared in a video that was uploaded to his verified Facebook account a few minutes ago, the story of what happened to 7 brothers that got married to a lady.

Apostle Orokpo when he was preaching to his congregation on “altering Demonic program” said that in Mathew 22:25-27, he has never seen something that struck him like this in his life. Seven brothers, the first one married a lady, he died, the second one married the same lady and died. The third up till the seventh brothers married the same lady and died.

He said when people don’t have the voice of God, they will be making the same mistake, you will be wondering, why can’t they see it. He said they are locked by a program.

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Apostle Orokpo said there was a program to destroy that family, seven sons died. He said when the seventh son died, that was when the lady died.

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