How A Mad Man Rushed And Held On To Me, And What I Told Him That Made Him Stay Calm – Bishop Oyedepo Reveals

Bishop David Oyedepo while preaching narrated how he was once attacked by a mad man as he returned from an outreach. According to him, while he was returning with his team, this mad man rushed at him and held onto him. Immediately, he screamed at the mad man to get his hands off of him, and the mad man ran away from him. Boldness came from God to be able to confront the mad man, instead of balking in fear.

He also narrated how after a meeting, a man who was delivered from the spirit of insanity had another relapse. The demons that caused his madness returned. According to him, this man was violently attacking everybody around him, and people ran to call him. When he showed up, he immediately took control of the situation.

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“I told them ‘Leave him’. Immediately he just stayed calm. Then I shot Jude 1:6 at him: the angels, who kept not their first estate are reserved in everlasting chains waiting for judgment, what are you doing here? Immediately all the demons left him,” the Bishop said.

He told his congregation that these experiences don’t come by reading, but by going on the field to do the work yourself.

“It was on the field that I said if you are a witch stand up,” the Bishop said. “Every spiritual virtue you are given has the capacity to grow, and it grows by use.”

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This means that the boldness you have will only grow when you put it to use. He urged his congregation to leave their comfort zone and get on the field to win souls, because it is on the field that God will do signs and wonders through them.

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