How A Pastor Chose To Die Rather Than To Admit That He Was Wrong – Pastor Isaiah Wealth

The man of God revealed that fear is one of the things affecting some ministers of God. He said that when you know the love of Christ you will stop abusing things to retain your congregation as Jeroboam did. He wanted to keep them to himself, so he had to make an idol. That is what is happening today. Pastors want to keep people in their church and so they do anything.

He said that he was reading one of Kenneth Hagin’s books and he saw the story of a man of God who invited him (Hagin) to preach in his church. For three weeks, the man never attended the service and Hagin was preaching during that three weeks. God already to Hagin that if he did not preach in that church, that minister will die because he needs to correct some things. The man’s wife was also concerned and he begged Kenneth Hagin to talk to her husband.

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Hagin then finally asked him, ” Are you aware that you are going to die?” He affirmed. God told him that God ordered him to come and preach there so that he will not die but the man said that he will rather die. He said that if he attends the meeting, he would be proving that Hagin is right and he is wrong and he does not want to do that. Hagin then said that the Lord told him that in one week, the man will die in his pulpit. And after one week, it came to pass.

According to the clergyman, the man of God realized that he was wrong but he was not ready to put on humility and reconcile. He couldn’t sit down with his church members because there are some of Hagin’s preachings are against what he has preached. The fact that some people prefer to die than to allow the truth to prevail has held the body of Christ. Some people have stolen, killed, and done many evil things just to remain correct. Some men of God have killed and taken lives just to retain their congregation. He said it is not the will of God and we must come into that humble spirit.

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