How A Young Man Sowed Five Naira Seed To A Ministry, And What Happened Afterwards – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman is the initiator of the Koinonia programme. Ndepo Tv has taken to its platform to share a story from one of the sermons of the cleric of how a man sowed the only five naira he had with him to the ministry of the cleric sometimes ago.

According to the cleric, as shared by Ndepo Tv, a young man came to him and sowed a seed in an envelope to him. When he opened it, he saw a five naira note and a letter. According to the cleric, the man said the five naira was his “Isaac”. The cleric respected his seed, like the woman with the widow’s mite in the Bible. The cleric said he felt led to pray for the man because he knew his seed would create a harvest afterwards.

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As shared by Ndepo Tv, it did not reach two weeks when the man sent the cleric a text message that, he has never seen favour in his life as he is presently witnessing. The cleric reiterated about the five nary a seed that, it is not about the amount of money sown into the work of God, but the centre of the heart of the giver. The cleric has advised those who are waiting on God for some breakthroughs, most especially those that do not have a job, to pray on a seed array to God fervently on it.

As shared by the cleric, people may mock you and say you are showing to the men of God, who would, in turn, eat your money—in this, believers must not be moved by these sayings but stick faithfully to what God can do through their faith.

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