How God miraculously healed a woman who had been suffering severe pain for 14 years after giving birth to her son – Must Read!

God miraculously healed a woman who had been suffering severe pain for 14 years after giving birth to her son.

Severe pain

In February 1999, Joan gave birth to her son through an emergency C-section. After she gave birth, she suffered severe and constant pain that lasted for years. She was unable to function normally even with the help of medications. 

Doctors could not find the cause of her pain. The pain was so severe that she even contemplated committing suicide.

“I laid on the floor and cried, and then I would read the Word, have a promise and I would repeat that. And I would feel positive enough and have some grace, but then I would also collapse and want to kill myself,” she recalled.

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Miraculous healing

In 2004, doctors discovered the root of her problems, the nerve in her pelvis has been crushed during the 91 hours of labor five years ago. She underwent many surgeries but during one of those surgeries, she flatlined and had an encounter with God.

“I never so loved and so covered and so protected and He said, ‘I have seen your suffering child, and I know for well your pain.’ Then He showed me, my son… I knew that if I have left with God, my son would never know God.”


Joan survived that surgery, but continued to feel the excruciating pain. After a while, she attended a healing conference in Orlando, Florida. During the event, a man came up to her and told her that she was believing lies about herself and God. Then that man led her to the renouncing of all that lies and invited her to repent.

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“He eventually prayed for the physical part of my body that has been like a volcano for 14 and a half years. In an instant, all the pain left.”

God instantly and miraculously healed all the pain she has been feeling. She threw away all her medications and she never felt that pain again. In her interview with the 700 Club Interactive, she encouraged everyone that God is still healing right now.

Credit: God TV

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