How God Used Pastor W.F. Kumuyi To Bring A Dead Woman Back To Life

The General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi shared a striking testimony of the wonder-working power of God over death on the 24th day of December 2021 at the ongoing Great Miracle Explosion global crusade happening live in Deeper Life International Conference Centre (DLICC), Lagos, Nigeria.

Our father in the Lord affirmed that the miracle power of the Lord exploded on the very first night of the global crusade; a dead woman by the name, Mama Alice Olabanji came back to life before he said the final Amen.

Below is the striking testimony he shared during his ministration on Friday, 24th December 2021;

“In Itele Group, Itele Region in Ogun State to be precise, a sister (member of the church), invited an aged mother by the name, Mama Alice Olabanji to her house to connect to the crusade on the very first night.

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She was left alone in a room to listen to the message in Yoruba dialect via the DCLM Radio app while her host with her children was in a separate room watching the live video transmission of the global crusade.

At the 3rd point of the message, Mama went to the restroom to ease herself. On her way back, she slumped and died. There was confusion everywhere and Mama’s children were sent for.

They did all they could to resuscitate her, but to no avail. Everyone gave up, and preparations to take her corpse to the mortuary began.

But after the message, it was time to pray, and before the end of the prayer, Mama rose up. She came back to life and there was jubilation everywhere.

She told the people when she rose up that she found herself among some people who were all seated. When she came back to life, she was speaking in new tongues, not Yoruba (the only language she can speak well).

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She came to the crusade the following day to share the miraculous testimony God has done in her life. Praise the Lord.”

God has used Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, an apostle and evangelist, to perform great wonders in many lives. His ministration at the previous global crusades was backed up with the unlimited power of God and God is still using him mightily for us in this ongoing global crusade tagged “The Great Miracle Explosion.”

Those who came with incurable sicknesses/diseases/infirmities received a permanent cure, COVID-19 patients/victims got total freedom from the spirit of death, and those under affliction and bondage were liberated completely. This and many more were the testimonies encountered.

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Mama Alice’s testimony was indeed a powerful one, and it has assured us that there is nothing impossible for God to do. He is present everywhere.

She was not present physically on the first day of the global crusade but was at the residence of the sister who invited her to hook up live via the DCLM Radio app.

God saw that she was glued to the radio and getting the best out of it. As He discovered that she is no more, He had to make her alive again because she was willing to offer her life to Him in total surrender.

Indeed, God cares for those who diligently seek Him and follow His steps. He makes a way where there seems no way and He has authority and ultimate power over death.

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