How Hubert Ogunde Movies Motivated Evangelist Mike Bamiloye To Start Mount Zion Ministries

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye is a renowned gospel movie producer with years of prolific movie productions. He is the reputed pathfinder of gospel movie productions in Nigeria. His drama ministry, the Mount Zion Faith Ministries is now 36 years, having been established in the year 1985. Over the years, his ministry has churned out several movies that have touched lives and transformed several souls into embracing the ways of Jesus Christ. One very significant fact about the Mount Zion films is that it has since become a mouthpiece for every other movie producing outfit, as compared to the way “Macleans”, and ” Indomie noodle” have become a major resource brand in which people do refer to other similar products in toothpaste and noodles, respectively. As such, Mount Zion Movies towers gigantically as a colossal outfit, with wonderful and genuine brands of gospel movies.

(Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, inset, Hubert Ogunde. Both had been the renowned pathfinders in the productions, of the secular and gospel movies, respectively)

In every great set-up, there are always up and downs and most especially, the not so sweet experiences of being downtrodden. Among the several challenges that rightly led him to where he is presently was a particular experience he had in respect of the not so popular state of gospel movies, in contrast to the secular movies that has enjoyed wide acceptability and popularity in the nation, right before the advent of indigenous gospel movie productions. He has started up as a very passionate believer in the Lord with passion for the theatre.

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At some stages, he would be very angry from deep inside him , in respect of the low popularity of Christian based movies. The secular world movies were the most popular then. The works of the likes of Hubert Ogunde, one of the pioneers of Nigerian indigenous theatre, and Indian movies were popular then which were on celluloid. Throughout the nation, the reigning means of viewing any movie was through the presentation of stage plays and the Cinema, which were strictly possible in advanced cities of then. At some stages, he had gone to see the movies of Hubert Ogunde, most especially the renowned “Aye”, where the traditional aspects of the Yoruba beliefs, in the native power and the worship of idols were glorified. From the movie , “Aye”, the position of diabolical powers and most especially the powers of darkness in witches and wizards were also glorified, in regards to the Yoruba traditional beliefs.

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All these angered Evangelist Mike Bamiloye and upon this, he vowed and prayed bitterly in his heart to God for a turnaround in the situation of gospel movies, in which he prayed to God for empowerment in being made available to produce movies that shall glorify God and cast down the relevance of the power of darkness as nothing, compared to the power of God, which would be portrayed through his movies.

On two occasions, he had gone to see both “Aye” and “Jaiyesimi” the movies of Hubert Ogunde at the University of Ife, in Ile-Ife, and also Ilesa, respectively. The movies had glorified the Yoruba beliefs of the presence of powers and principalities of witches and wizards, glorifying their supposed immense powers. On the two different occasions he had trekked home on long distances. The movies were concluded late in the night, he did not even bother if he would board vehicle home, as a result of the heat of the passion for gospel related movies that glorifies the existence and domineering power of God. He got home and prayed fervently for the move of God through him for the presentation of indigenous gospel movies that would not need any interpretations to the natives.

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This prayer was answered in 1993 with the release of “Agbara Nla”. It was a blockbuster and a very powerful gospel movie. The fame went throughout the nation as the first indigenous gospel movie that glorifies the omnipotence and the immense power of the Lord over the power of darkness. His thirst for a competing indigenous movie that the natives would see without the stress of interpretations was quenched and his angered prayers to release a movie that would overshadow those that glorifies the power of darkness were answered. After the release of “Agbara Nla” which was premiered in the indigenous language of Yoruba, the English version was later released to the admiration of the non-Yoruba speakers. Evangelist Mike Bamiloye is a shining star of great repute and positive drive for upcoming movie producers. He is a reputable evangelist who has positively propagated the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ through wonderful gospel movies, that has touched lives, with great touch of inspirational and great theatrical prowess.

Sources: Evangelist Mike Bamiloye

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