“How I Cursed a Pub in my University Days And The Things That Happened Next” – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals

Founder of Dunamis international gospel center Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche revealed how he cursed a pub in his university days and the strange things that occurred there.

He said,

“In my University days, a young man who stayed in the same room with me came back one day reporting that he was beaten up by bad boys while preaching in a pub around the school hostel.

“So, I followed him to the place and cursed the place and everything in it. After a short time, the pub was closed down and subsequently, no business could thrive there. A lady went there to start up a business, and when it could not function, they told her, “There is a man by name Paul Enenche who cursed the place when he was a student here.

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“If you want your business to function there, go and   meet him to reverse the curse.” The lady came to me and the curse was reversed. 

“Imagine that! A place was shaken and reordered by one declaration against an ungodly activity. Anywhere there is a shaking, things cannot continue the way they have been.

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