“How I Encountered The Mystery of Kingdom Wealth Transfer Through A Vision of Bishop David Oyedepo” – Apostle Joshua Selman  Reveals

Founder of Eternity Network International (ENI), Apostle Joshua Selman has revealed how he encountered the mystery of kingdom wealth through a vision of Bishop David Oyedepo.

He said,

In 2007, I had a vision…I began to press into the things of God and had encounters with Jesus (and very great encounters). The Lord had began to show me the visions of the revival that was coming and a lot of other things that He revealed to me and He had shown me the necessity of the Holy Spirit, the necessity of the Anointing. He made me respect the anointing, He made respect Light and Revelation.

I was in that vision, and then I went somewhere and Bishop Oyedepo was sitting down. While he was sitting down, I came with a seed to honour him and then when I came, I dropped the seed and he looked at me and said that’s not everything, I should check my pocket.

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I checked my pocket and then I found out that there was still some money, I dropped it, (then I think), he prayed for me (or something). All of a sudden, the personality I don’t know, he came and held my hand and said Come. And they opened a room for me, and when they opened that room, I saw all kinds of currency (naira, dollars, pounds) and in my mind, I said what is this, what is going on? The person told me to pick some, funny thing is that I was not attached to it at all. You will imagine that I will first roll on that place first, then sit down and choose what to carry. 

I stood there, I was surprised, I picked a little of the major currencies including naira, then I was going to step out, and then I woke up. When I woke up, I heard the audible voice of God, not a vision, not the Spirit speaking to my spirit – many people lie that they hear the audible voice of God, but God doesn’t speak audibly all the time: in a whole lifetime, You may hear Him just 3 times. But in that case, I heard the audible voice of God, just 4 words: Massive Kingdom Wealth Transfer (4 words). I said what is the meaning of this: Massive Kingdom Wealth Transfer, not you will be rich, not you be this.

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You know every time God speaks, there is light that comes from His Word – it comes to your spirit first, (so your mind is unfruitful), it will take a while, staying in His presence to breakdown the implication of that mystery. Like the word of God wrote on a wall ‘Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin’ and Mene alone meant Oh King, you’ve been weighed in a balance and you’ve been found wanting (1 spiritual word). 

So when the light from God comes, you will think you understand and then His Spirit will begin to open you. (Pastor), it made me to begin to study the subject of Wealth and Prosperity from the kingdom perspective and that was when I knew that the church was under attack, under a serious attack. Please no matter what it is that you know or don’t know, I just want you to (you can insult me later on), but let’s pay attention and hear God deliver us.

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