How I Refused To Employ A Man Who Came To Work For Me Because Of This Reason – Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals

How I Refused To Employ A Man Who Came To Work For Me Because Of This Reason – Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals

The founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, spoke to his members during the Father’s Day Service held at the church headquarters. 

According to Church Gist, the revered cleric made emphasis on the need to be remarkably discreet as a believer if you want to be promoted to the next level and enjoy a palace kind of life. He went on to explain that you must not be a man or woman that talks too much because you may say things that will either be used against you or stop you from getting what you want.

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He made reference to the life of Joseph in Genesis 41:39, where it was made known that Joseph was a discreet man even while he stayed in the palace. 

He pointed out that you must learn to pick your words and not talk anyhow, because not being able to control what you say can hinder you from moving forward. The man of God noted that it was Pharaoh that referred to Joseph as a man who is not just discreet but also has the quality of being discreet.

Speaking further on the need to cultivate the habit of watching what you say, he revealed that a man came to him in his office looking for a job, and while interviewing him, he started talking about his former place of work and how bad his former boss was to him. 

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The revered cleric revealed that the man went on to say that the reason why he wanted to work with him was because he had heard about the wonderful qualities that he and his staff possessed, and he also wanted to be part of them. 

The man of God said he allowed him to finish his words and then told him that he could not employ him because of the way he spoke about his former boss and the place he once worked, and that if he allowed him to work with him, he would do the same thing and he didn’t want that.

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The cleric warned his members to be discreet and know the right thing to say, and also watch their words because what they say can go a long way to determining their next level in life. He added that even in politics, if you talk too much to an extent and say what you shouldn’t say, you may not qualify for the next office because you have said what you shouldn’t have revealed.

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