How I Rejected A Gift From An Evil Woman That Would Have Ruined My Ministry – Evang. Mike Bamiloye Shares Shocking Story

Jesus does not need your tithes and offerings if you have not surrendered your life to Him - Evangelist Mike Bamiloye
Jesus does not need your tithes and offerings if you have not surrendered your life to Him - Evangelist Mike Bamiloye

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion Movies has shared a message on his verified Facebook page on the danger that could be involved in receiving gifts from people. On this, the cleric has shared an experience he had, with his team while on a visit to one of the Northern states for a meeting.

According to the drama minister, he travelled alongside his wife and some of his team members to a city in the Northern parts of the nation for a meeting of ANCEDRAM congress (the umbrella body for gospel theatre and drama practitioners in Nigeria). 

A woman there, who happened to be a staunch fan of the Mount Zion Movies decided to extend her kind gestures to the drama minister and his team. As shared by Mike Bamiloye, she brought some gifts which consists of money and clothes to each member of the Mount Zion team that came for the congress. They gladly accepted the gifts with thanks.

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According to the drama minister, he got so uncomfortable as soon as they collected the parcels from the woman. This uneasiness persisted that he had to pray alongside his wife on what could be exactly wrong. The more they prayed, the more he felt uneasy. As shared by the minister, in his words, the spirit of the Lord spoke into his heart on what to do. 

He called all the brethren and spoke to them about it that, everyone that received the parcel of gifts must pass it to another person— they must not take it home with them. However difficult this decision, they all obeyed.

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As shared by the drama minister, it was not so long before he heard surprising information about the woman who sent them the gifts. She has a very despicable reputation for her gifts. According to the drama minister, a lot of destinies and ministries of the men of God that have accepted her gifts have been ruined. 

Her reputation for evil gifts precedes her. So many ministers of God that have been close to her, who had collected gifts from her had either lost their ministries or got their anointing drained.

It was the mercy of God that delivered them from the evil gifts that could have trapped them.

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