How Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo (My Kuli Kuli friend) started David’s Christian Centre When It Seem So Unattractive – Bishop Wisdom Irabor Reveals

Bishop Wisdom Irabor, the Presiding Bishop of Answers Assembly Warri, in a recent post on his official Facebook page, revealed how his friend, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo who is a renowned counselor and marriage coach built his church.

In his words,

My friend Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, he’s a very popular face on social media, we were together in Bible school in ‘97. We sat on the same row. I will buy Kuli Kuli and kola and give to him. 

All is just to drive sleep because Bible school is 7am till 3pm. Sometimes we will want to sleep, so I will just give him and then he used to call me ‘my Kuli Kuli friend’, ‘my kola friend’. When we came out of Bible school, I said to him I would want to work under this ministry where we were trained, gain experience and serve. 

Kingsley said, I am going to rescue the young men and young women of Festac Town. I want to go and start my own Youth and Singles fellowship. No venue. 

When I asked him where would you start it, he said he would start in his father’s house. In my mind, I thought it was the kind of father I had. When he finishes beating you and the dream and the vision, you will ask yourself what is your problem.

We finished, I went to work in Winners Chapel. He went to start Singles fellowship. He started with about 3 people. 2 human beings and one dog. The dog in their house will come and sit. With two of his friends and himself. 

The father allowed him, the mother allowed him, the elder brothers allowed him but they  never attended. They will just come and look at what he was doing and pass. They went on like that.

When he told me what he wants to do then, it was very impossible. A dreamer will always come up with dreams that appear impossible. I asked him, How can you? If he was too old then, he should have been 20 years old. 

How can you talk about this kind of thing? Don’t try it. Gradually, 2001 I was now back to school in Lagos State University. By then he had moved from his father’s house to Festac Plaza, a plaza in Festac Town. 

He needs to do inauguration service, he met me and discussed it with me. I connected him to Reverend Simeon Afolabi. I brought Reverend Simeon, who came to inaugurate the fellowship as a church in plaza, Festac town.

As we speak today, he is one of the highest paid YouTuber in Nigeria. He rakes in dollars – weekly, daily, monthly from his YouTube account. 

You see America, Canada, UK? He is one of the biggest crowd pullers in those 3 countries.. He doesn’t do miracle, he doesn’t do healing, he doesn’t do prophecy. 

He just talks to youth and singles on marriage and relationship. His last program in London, the entire conference hall was filled to an overflow. No healing, no miracle, no prophecy, no deliverance.

When he said it in ‘97, it looked impossible, as I speak now, he’s in Canada with his wife doing Canada tour. That same youth singles fellowship program.

You don’t know how far that your dream can go if you can believe in it. He started in his father’s parlor, 2 human beings and one dog.

Most times when I talk about him in church, I will call him and say I used you to preach today. Wetin you talk na, wetin you talk na? Gist me.

In that same Festac, he bought a land, 93 million (Naira). He bought a second one 600 million (Naira). Then he moved to Lekki and bought a land 1.2 billion (Naira)

We used to mock him: small pikin church, small pikin church. All those small children that were writing POLYJAMB, UNIJAMB then today have become the owners of banks, owners of industries. They have become the big boys in every nation. He is doing dangerously well!

But the dream appeared impossible at the onset.

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