How Peter got revelation from heaven without dying- Pastor Damina Reveals

The Nigerian controversial Pastor, Dr Abel Damina, founder of Power City International, ask a question during the church mid-week service in the video that was uploaded to his official Facebook account a few hours ago, where he questioned, “If heaven is where dead people go, Peter got revelation from heaven without dying.” How?.

Don’t forget that pastor Damina has said several times that no one goes to heaven at last, including Elijah; and the essence of the question is to prove the point that this world is still heaven, as he already claimed that he is not going to heaven.

To prove this, Pastor Damina read Matthew 16:18-19, with emphasis where Jesus told Peter that what Peter speaks concerning him was revealed to him by his father, who is in heaven, and he will give Peter, the key to the gate of heaven.

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Pastor Damina said, for Jesus to have promised him key to heaven on earth, it means, we can use the key to heaven on earth since Peter is still alive and heaven is for the dead. Therefore, we can use the key of heaven on earth.

He argued that “If truly the earth is not the heaven, how did Peter who is still alive got the information about Jesus from the father who is in heaven, and our belief is that heaven is for the dead. Also how will Peter use the key on earth and still affects the heaven if it is not the same thing.

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He concluded by saying, the earth and the heaven are the same, and that is why no one goes to heaven at last.

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