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How Some Evil Men Got Disgraced And Punished Via Praise After Trying To Attack And Disgrace Me – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Posted by on November 8, 2021 — Drop A Comment


I think you have not passed through challenges that is why your amen is like this, if you have passed through what I have passed through you will shout the Amen and they will hear you on the road. Have you passed through challenges at all? You sure? No, your own must be korofo challenge. There is a way challenge will come like this, you will just get confused. Your praise level will be different.

Long ago, some journalists came against me, I mean fiercely against me that they went to presidency to report me that they will lock me up. Not the one of yesterday, this one was when I have not been known like this, they were all out, they said “lock him up”. It was a ministration that stirred their anger, we went to Civic Centre and I ministered at Civic Centre and that was where I said somebody should transfer from the demonic people to the Church. That was the root of the problem. I did a ministration that reacted in the spirit.

Most times attacks are not physical. It reacted because before now, the wealth was in the hands of sinners in this area. It was Ogboni men that had money, then I did a heaven ministration that the wealth will leave their hand to the Church, so it reacted in the spirit. So they came together; occult men, some church men they came together and said “what should we do to this man?” It was later we got to know after the confessions of one or two of them. So they said since we can’t attack him spiritually, let us go ahead and attack him with the press. They did a documentary and then put it on television. The General Manager of the station resigned after that documentary. They paid him heavy in millions and said “after this thing you can go away, take this money and get out”. After he put the documentary on air he ran.

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This matter I am telling you it was not the way I am saying it now. There was no social media then and people have not known me like this. They came fiercely, they went to Police, they went to the Presidency, they said “every force you have, lock him”. They went to DSS, they said “which ever way just lock this man up and the day you lock him we will put it on front page news that he has been locked up”. I looked and I said ” This battle, where do I go?”. Let me tell you the secret; I went in to praise at midnight, I danced and danced and dropped a sacrifice.

They went to report me that they should arrest me, the then Inspector General of Police looked at my picture and said “This man? I watch him on television. I am a Catholic but this is my Pastor I love him. What did you say I should do, I should lock this man? DIG come, investigate this matter. Lock them up”. I have never met the man in my life we only crossed each other one day at the airport and he introduced himself to me. They were to lock me up but they locked themselves up. The plan was to lock themselves up a day to Christmas so that there will be no bail, when people plan against you. They said “24th, 25th and 26th there will be no work, so before they can come for bail it will be 27th” and that was how they schemed it, it was orchestrated with money. Then they locked them up on that 24th.

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We are not making fun here, when you want to praise, praise from your heart. We have no might of our own, but don’t fear, don’t shake, God will fight that battle.

Stand and see the salvation of God. Every time God says you will see the salvation of God, enemies don’t escape. Church Gist. When He said it in Exodus 14, The Red Sea swallowed Pharoah.

People don’t value praise because it looks too simple. Is it only dancing that God will look that? Let me fast for 55 days. What 40 days fasting can’t do, a praise understanding will do it. If you understand the potency of praise you will not joke while we are praising.

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