How To Have A Successful Personal Retreat With God Before The End Of The Year – Apostle Joshua Selman

The Yuletide season is here once again and people are in celebration mood as usual. Interestingly, while others are celebrating, few others make out time to have sober reflection over how they lived their lives throughout the year.

While we all eagerly await the coming year 2022, God’s servant Apostle Joshua Selman in a message has instructed Christians to ensure they do this one thing before the new year 2022.

In a powerful message he preached (VIDEO) , he admonished believers to endeavour to embark on a personal retreat for at least one day, two or three days.

He said that in his opinion, a believer who doesn’t do this is not a serious believer. A personal retreat is a time you spend alone with God.

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Talking about how to embark on a personal retreat, he said that if you have the resources to travel to a suitable place, it is alright.

However, if you have a room, you can lock yourself in there. Just find somewhere to stay and flog it out with destiny.

He said that there is corporate retreat, family retreat and personal retreat.

He said that your personal retreat should start with thanksgiving and then self appraisal. Appraisal here entails that you review your life throughout the year and be honest in your feedback.

Furthermore, he mentioned that during your retreat, there are 6 Areas You Must Review;

1. Spiritual Growth and Progress

Access your level of spiritual growth throughout the year and be honest to record where you didn’t do well and where you need to improve.

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2. Level of Mental Transformation

Have I sustained superior beliefs? Am I still having old limiting beliefs? Have I matured spiritually? These are some questions you should answer.

3. Health

Access your health in 2021. How did I eat? Was I careless with my health? How many times did I fast? Did I spend more money on clothes than health? He said that you will die the death of a fool if you don’t start paying attention to your health.

4. Financial Progress

Did I make financial progress? Write down your financial mistakes in 2021 and learn from them so as not to repeat them.

He said that making financial progress is important as it will give you liberty to serve God in peace.

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5. Your Purpose and Destiny

There is timing to destiny and you should contend for speed to fulfill destiny if you are behind schedule.

He said that when you are between ages zero to 25, you are in your morning season; between ages 26 to 50 is afternoon season; between ages 51 to 75 is evening season while from age 76 and above is night season.

You should know what season you are in so that you can take your life more seriously so as to fulfill purpose and destiny.

6. Relationships

Review your relationships. You can have advantageous connections through relationships.

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