How To Remove Excess Sugar You Take During The Day To Avoid Diabetes

Diabetes is a world killing sickness. the rate at which people have diabetes is quite alarming because people usually take care of themselves what see what they take into their systems

One must be very careful when taking sweet and sugary things. Most of the food we here in Africa is carbohydrates, and their end product glucose which is sugar.

But thanks be to God who created all things good and wonderful, that we may live long.

Guava is a very wonderful fruit. Aside from the antioxidant properties of guava, which is rich in potassium and vitamin C, did you know that you can get rid of excess sugar during the day to avoid stomach aches or some uncomfortable problems that can cause you to overeat? Your child.

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The procedure.

Take a young guava fruit and clean with water to remove any dirt, get a glass of clean water that you can drink right away, then wash off the guava left in the water to get an extract after filtering to remove the filter from the residue.

Drink the filter at night before going to bed. Drink up and watch how the body removes excess sugar in us.

During the observation process, You will excrete a lot of urine, which will be frothy because of the excess sugar you consume.

You can drink coke today and to see how you excrete excess sugar at night. You can also drink this during the day without side effects.

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You can also give this to your children as children are fond of taking sugary things.

This does not however mean that you should be careless with your intake of Sugary substances

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