How We Were Called Worldly By A Marketer Because We Demanded N10 From Each Tape Sold – Evang. Mike Bamiloye Reveals

Evang. Mike Bamiloye, the founder of Mount Zion Films, has narrated some of his share of suffering during the early days of his ministry. On his Facebook page, he shared how he was accused of being worldly because he asked to be paid ten naira for every tape of film sold, during the early days of Mount Zion Film

According to the story, after he released the movie Agbara Nla, there was much buzz in the south of Nigeria about the movie. The movie became very popular, and sold many copies, but the producers of the movie did not enjoy the financial benefits that came with the movies success.

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Mike Bamiloye claimed that the marketers of the movie were making a lot of money, while he and his crew were left in poverty. One day, he went to one of the marketers and demanded for ten naira for every tape of film he sold. But this man called him back and accused him of being worldly for asking for money. His claim was that he was helping Mr Bamiloye spread the word of God.

Naturally, Mike Bamiloye was devastated, but he said that during that period, God gave him a word. God told him not to worry if he was not enjoying the fruits of his labours, because as long as many people are blessed from the movies, he will be blessed.

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