“I am Amazed at What God is Doing For This Commission, This is The Number of Nations we Have Entered This Year” – Bishop Oyedepo Reveals

Founder of Living Fatith church Bishop David Oyedpo while preaching at the covenant hour of prayer, disclosed the amazing things God is doing for the church.

He said, “Now watch, I am amazed at God. Last night I just got that information that by His grace and divine open doors, we have entered 80 new nations this year. This wonder double God is not a liar. 

The last four years double, double, double . Every way, every step, double. 5,000 churches double. 10,000 double. 21,000 home cells in one year. 

Again 80 nations in a year that is not completed yet. Awesome God. What that means is this, whatever God says about Shiloh 2022, just receive in your hear. Believe with all your pain. He is launching you and I to the covenant highest way of life. 

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Bishop David Oyedepo Shares What God Revealed To Him
Bishop David Oyedepo Shares What God Revealed To Him

Your life and my life becomes a press button  adventure. Not gasping, not perspiring, my God. Press button adventure, where things will be happening at His instance in your life. He said great is Je that executed. 

We are moving on there on the Kings’ highway, where God Himself will be executing His Words in our lives in the name of Jesus. So get prepared, we are not gathering here to hear preachings, we are gathering to experience Encounters and it will make all the difference. Everything He says has come to pass. This one must come to pass in your life. 

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And next Sunday is our third in series of Pre-Shiloh divine encounter services. You can tune in. Get set and have your Pre-Shiloh experience because it shall be glorious. God is just giving us the fore-taste of Shiloh experience.”

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