I Am Sorry: Social Media Reacts As Leke Adeboye Finally Apologize To RCCG Pastors

Pastor Leke Adeboye, the last son and child of the RCCG General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye finally Apologize to the general public and RCCG Pastors for his nonchalant words against them this past Sunday.

The Personal Assistant to The Redeemed Christian Church of God General Overseer took to his Social media page to apologize to their esteemed pastors for the statement he made on his social media handle.

What really happened 👇:

In a now-deleted Instagram post, he had slammed a pastor for preaching after his father’s close-out sermon on Sunday.

“Why would you preach another sermon after Daddy GO has just finished preaching. You’re not a son. You’re a goat, sir. Next thanksgiving service, just do altar call, then thanksgiving,”

In a statement released on his Instagram page on Thursday, Adeboye said he had received disciplinary measures from the church over the matter, and promised to use “this period to reflect and introspect”.

He also sought the forgiveness of the entire leadership and pastors of the church.

He wrote 👇👇

“I wish to use this medium to tender my unreserved apologies on the statement made from my social media handle about some of our esteemed pastors,” he wrote.

“The disciplinary measures taken by the mission [are] well received and this period will be used to reflect and introspect.

“I wish to crave your indulgence to please forgive my extreme statement which I wish to emphasise was absolutely not intended to insult or malign.

“I also wish to apologise profusely to the entire leadership and pastors of our beloved church who might have been hurt by this statement.”

Fans React:

Isaac Maxwell Said:

Learn to bridle your tongue o, i was very pissed when I saw that statement you made. A statement your father will never make in public, I’m not even sure he could use such word on Pastors even in private.Leke you really misyarn.Learn some humility from Daddy, there are times when you need to be silent. Daddy is the only one who has the right to address that matter, not you.The only thing that makes you relevant in the affairs of The Redeemed Christian Church of God is that you are the General Overseer’s son. Some of those Pastors you insulted are older than you and probably have even made more sacrifices than you’ve ever made for the church.You had to right whatsoever to talk about them in that manner, its a good thing you’ve apologized, but make sure this never repeats itself in the future again, learn to respect elders, Pastors for that matter.If your father was talking anyhow like you, you think RCCG will be where it is today, I repeat, go and learn humility from your father.God bless you.🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶

Someone replied: WE Know that MAN because of his Father. He shall go and learn humility from his Father and guide his tougue..Okay let him continue with derogatory statement and let see how far he will go in ministry whenever his Father retire as G O.Is like some of your guys are more spiritual than Jesus Christ…

Anifowoshe Lekan said:

Go & pray for grace to be humble….. don’t destroy what Daddy G.O has built for years…. have u hear any bad words & any negatives labels on Bishop Oyedepo children why only you all the time Leke …. i pray God have mercy on you…. the pastors u are calling goat majority of them have u as son … can their children call them goat ? Pls stay humble

Kristos Timothy said:

Greatness & Leadership comes with a price… That’s my lesson from this. There are things you can’t do or say. There are places you can’t go. In fact your life is REGULATED and INSTRUCTED. Sometimes not because your words are harmful but because of where you stand and whose you are.I admire your submissiveness and humility. It only gets better.Celebrate you sir. You’re ever loved.

Ste Bush said:

Sometimes being sorry is not the issue… You may require a Social media handler to assist else stay away from social media if you cannot 1). Think before writing ✍️ and 2). Think after writing and3). Think before posting. Your Word is Your Mind!!!

Favour James said:

Denzel Washington seems a kinda prophet…hmm At the peek of success, you should be more cautious.I pray for you dear Pst Leke, may the good Lord keep your feet from errors and grant you a shield and watch over your tongue, may you prevail and work in wisdom always in Jesus Name. You are loved.

Fruitful Vine said:

The warning he gave wasn’t bad. And twas the necessary thing to do at the moment. I wonder what a pastor wants to preach when your superior has already preached on the same service 🤷 and most pastors who does that are pride conveners.I stand with pastor Leke on this😚 just that The only place he err’d was to bring it on social handle of which he has samely apologized publicly. God bless the Redeemed ministry.

Theophilous said:

Dear pastor Leke, I think this time you need to sit with our father in the Lord, daddy GO and learn alot from him especially in the area of humility and respect for the elders, learn when to speak and when not to speak. Be careful of what you write on social media because of the position of our father in the Lord daddy GO in the society. Just be careful. What happened should teach you alot of lessons about life. Thanks you and God bless you sir.

Alex Wonder said:

Am not a member of Redeemed, but I have had to privilege of meeting with you and Baba Adeboye through the privilege of serving and running of errands for My Spiritual Father, Dr Pst Paul Enenche.I know you are a very humble, easy going, cheerful and peace loving person.A lover of Jehovah. We Love you Sir,And the Great work You do for our Baba and God’s kingdom.More Grace Sir.

Timothy Ayodeji said:

The word used may be disrespectful,but some of us are absolutely behaving as such, how can Daddy finished preaching and stared yours,I’ve been in a parish where such happened,I just walked out.Imagine Bishop Oyedepo finished preaching in a combine service and one Pastor start his own,am sure fire will fall.We Pastor in RCCG should take cue from other churches, so that we won’t be referred to as GOAT again.Though, GOAT means greatest of them All.

God help us. Amen 🙏

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