“I believe Angels were created in the morning” – Pastor Abel Damina Reveals Mystery Why God Created Angels In The Morning

The controversial Nigerian Televangelist, Pastor Dr. Abel Damina who is the Founder & General Overseer of Abel Damina Ministries while teaching in a live program on Facebook, revealed when God created Angels according to his study of the Book of Genesis.

According to Pastor Dr. Abel Damina from the video: “On the 7th day, God ended His work but on the 6th day, Angels were created on the same day man was created. I believe Angels were created in the morning and man in the evening. Angels were created to serve man.

“So upon the creation of man, the next thing man will do is to sleep and the next day he wakes up is the day of rest. This is because God wanted man to function from a place of rest and not from a place of labour and hard work. This is to say that Angels were meant to be Adam’s errand boys in the Garden of Eden before his fall”.

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