“I Can Put The Light Out From London” – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Tells Congregation About The ‘Small House’ he Built in Lagos

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo while preaching at the 35th year anniversary of Word of Life Bible church warri, told the congregation a story of a small house he built.

He said, “I built a small house in Lagos, a nice place to rest and because I built it when I was getting a bit older, I even put lift in my house so that the lift will take me to my room. I even get cinema there. I can put the light out from London. 

I use my phone to put off the light in Lagos. I can play music in one room and not other rooms. I can play music by the swimming pool. My bedroom is the size of my dormitory when I was in Bible school. The dormitory where about 60 of us stayed. 

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But one man came to my house na Bishop. When he entered my sitting room see the carpet wey dey around the table he said, I need to remove my shoe. He said this kind carpet them no dey take shoe climb am. The house intimidate am. 

He began asking me, ‘Has Bishop so and so been here?’ I said I didn’t announce to anyone; it’s just a small house. I came to announce to someone, you will not stay at the lobby. You will not be intimidated.

That dream you carry shall become your reality. When I stay at the balcony I am looking at the Lagoon. The Lagoon is not up to the front of this Church, I can walk into the water. “

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