I Cannot Follow My Wife To Go Shopping – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals Why

Paul Enenche
Paul Enenche

According to the cleric has revealed that he cannot follow his wife for shopping. He has bluntly shared that, that is not his realm. This implied that he was not churned out for such a lifestyle. However, when it comes to some other things, he could help her out with them. But when it comes to going out shopping, the cleric has staunchly dissociated himself from such a lifestyle.

All these, the cleric has emphasized primarily to make spouses understand how they must try and tolerate themselves in the areas of the different lifestyles they both have. As stressed by the cleric, married couples are to understand the person they are married to and then, they must also understand their expressions and accept their expressions without necessarily comparing them with somebody else.

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There are different expressions of love. It might not necessarily come through going out shopping together. Try and understand your spouse’s love language and how they relate to the expression of their sincere love for you. With this, you would move higher, together for the best.

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