“I Felt Like Going To Thank The Devil After He Made Me Wait Extra One Year Before Entering The University – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals why

According to Pastor Paul Enenche while, speaking he said “When I finished my A level, I got all the points I needed to get. I got above the cut-off mark for the University, yet the University didn’t give me admission, so I waited at home for 1 year. 

The 1 year would have been the year of many peoples’ depression, hopelessness, despair, and bitterness against God, and humanity. 

But Fortunately enough, the one year was a period where I searched through the scripture. And it was also a year of 7-10 hours of prayers daily. Speaking further he said “I tell you today that, the devil regretted it.

“That one year was a restless fasting and multiple mantles for me. He then said “By the time I entered the University, people were marveled because of God’s grace upon my life.

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And Fortunately enough for me, my wife was even among those who said that.

Speaking lastly He then said “I felt like going to thank the University for not admitting me at my own appointed time. Because it was during that period of my waiting, that I found my wife.

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