“I Have Slept With Her” – Bishop Wisdom Irabor Reveals The Shocking Thing A Father Told His Son When he Brought Home The Lady he Wanted to Marry

The Presiding Bishop of Answers Assembly, Warri, Delta State, Bishop Irabor Wisdom while preaching on holiness reveals what a father told his son when he brought home the lady he wanted to marry.

He said, “Without holiness, your life will have holes! There is a demon behind a young man following a married woman! It is a demon of disobedience! 

“When this demon is after you, you don’t know when you will sleep with somebody’s wife! There is a depth that you will reach in God and you won’t even sleep with your wife when you have certain meetings, fasting and encounters Exodus 19:15. Don’t get carried away, holiness is still the pathway to heaven! 

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“Don’t enjoy the mercifulness of God and begin to mess anyhow! A girl was to marry, and when the man carried the girl to show his parents, the man said, “I love your choice but I can’t hide this from you, I have dated your wife-to-be, I have slept with her! 

“So that you don’t end up being angry with your father!” If you choose to go ahead, no problem! But I can’t be a party to my son marrying my former girlfriend. This free sexual relationship that you are giving out is the freedom that you will look for one day and you will never find!”

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