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I Have Zero Tolerance For Anyone That Mocks My Faith – Bishop David Oyedepo

Posted by on November 15, 2021 — Drop A Comment






-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
Fourth Pre-Shiloh Encounter Service

*They want you to say what they say so you can suffer what they suffer.
*You don’t say what God has said, you miss out of it.
*Every tongue is endowed with praise.
*Don’t try to ‘Americanise’ your life, just praise Him as you are.
*Don’t come to Shiloh 2021 with any form of burden, come with gratitude. He will show His mighty hand in your life.

Very quickly, why do we give thanks? There are five things here to note and then we will be set for the Communion.

  1. We give thanks to preserve God’s blessings in our lives – Malachi 2:1-3
    “…because you do not lay it to heart”: Not to my mouth, not to head but to heart, that this is not me, this is the grace of God at work in my life. This blessing is not what I merit, it is what God showers on me by favour. I appreciate You Jesus. You don’t do that, He said, “those blessings will have no future.” He said, “I have cursed them already. You don’t need to…I mean, it’s My agenda.”
    Psalm 28:5 – We must acknowledge every single act of God in our lives, from our hearts to preserve such blessings.
  2. To perfect His blessings in our lives – Psalm 138:8
    God has a plan to perfect every of His blessings in our lives. And how do we get that done? The 10 lepers were cleansed, as they went, they were cleansed. When one saw that he was cleansed, he returned – Luke 17:14-15
    Were there not 10 cleansed? It starts with cleansing before it graduates to wholeness – Luke 17:17-19
    “Thy faith has made thee whole” – He has moved from cleansing to wholeness, from healing to perfect health. They were all cleansed but the fingers were still like this (clipped), the face still had quite a number of contours, but when he was made whole, his flesh was returned like that of a child. He returned to the days of his youth, everything came back live.
    We give thanks to perfect His blessings in our lives. You give Him thanks for 10 Naira profit, He turns it to 20 Naira next time. And then to 40 Naira. He delivers His agenda little by little. You can’t rush God. Little by little.
    You are not grateful for one, you can’t see two.
    You are not grateful for two, you can’t see three. You can pray your head out, it doesn’t matter. It is gratitude that changes our altitude. Gratitude is what changes our altitude. Please take that to heart. The more grateful we are, the greater grace we enjoy and the higher heights we scale. Any believer that is not genuinely grateful ends up being grounded. You can’t take His blessings for granted and expect to change levels. It doesn’t happen.
    We give thanks to perfect His blessings.
  3. We give thanks to multiply His blessings in our lives.
    We serve a multiplier God – Deuteronomy 1:11. He is a multiplier God, but He multiplies His blessings as we return thanks to Him. Jesus gave thanks, 5 loaves and 2 fishes multiplied supernaturally to feed 5,000 men minus women and children – John 6:11
    Thanksgiving is the mystery behind the multiplication of God’s blessings in our lives. Very important. You want to see His blessings multiplied, be thankful. Let it become a lifestyle.
    He said, “I will multiply them.” How? Jeremiah 30:19
    As they keep praising Me, their nobles shall come forth from their midst and their governor shall proceed from the midst of them – Jeremiah 30:21
    Every thanksgiver just enjoys that grace of multiplication upon His life.
    Every time you hiss, you are saying, “God, leave me where I am. I am not interested in the change of position. See the way you are treating me. Is this how a Father treats a child? Leave me now. I can handle my case.” That is what you are saying without saying it.
    “Lord, look at me! Is this how a child of a King should look like?” Okay.
    He (God) says, “I see you. Exactly what you said is what I see. I am not qualified to handle your case, so I hand it over to you. Keep handling your case. You are smarter than me. Is that not what you are saying? I am not smart enough to handle your matter.”
    -May God not leave you to yourself.
  4. To access fresh oil for triumphant living.
    God found David, praising and celebrating Him and with His holy oil, He anointed him – Psalm 89:20
    Where did He find him? Praising Him
    “I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth” – Psalm 34:1
    He found David praising Him and with His holy oil He anointed him. The enemy shall not exact upon him, neither shall the son of wickedness afflict him – Psalm 89:20-24
    He said, “I will plague all them that hate him” – Psalm 89:23
    “My faithfulness shall not be removed from him… and in my name shall his horn be exalted” – Psalm 89:24
    We are anointed with fresh oil through a lifestyle of thanksgiving and praise.
    Psalm 92:1-2, 10
    People don’t know anointing flows through the mystery of thanksgiving and praise. Thanksgivers don’t run out of oil. Thanksgivers never run out of oil. The anointing flows freely in their lives. It is a mystery.
    🎶🎶 I thank You Lord, I thank You Lord, I thank You Jehovah Almighty 🎶🎶
    🎶🎶 E wa gba mi gbe’ba ope oooo, ye ye ye. Nitoripe, e mi ni e ni t’aiye ti ro wipe ko le da n’kan re se, sugbon mo ri anu re gba, Olu Orun lo ba mi se 🎶🎶 (Praise song in Yoruba)
    🎶🎶 Osuba re ma re 🎶🎶
    “You are not cheating me, You are not robbing me, You are just giving me privileges that I am never qualified for. I celebrate You Jesus” – That is the way to go up.
    I’ve not had anybody say sorry to me in 40 years.
    🎶🎶 Mo je Baba lope, mo je Baba lope ooo. Nigbati mo ri iyanu Baba laye mi, mo ri wipe, mo je Jesu mi lope repete 🎶🎶
    I am not sorry, that is the way I praise God in my own room. I don’t sing (in) English, it doesn’t interpret what I want to say.
    🎶🎶 O seun, O seun Baba, O seun Baba, Jesu Olurapada O seun Baba 🎶🎶
    Every tongue is endowed with praise. Don’t try to ‘Americanise’ your life, just praise Him as you are. Don’t pretend you don’t know your mother tongue because you went to some America, some Europe. Your mother tongue is still in your tongue, no matter how you try to twist it. I can tell where you are from, from Nigeria, no matter how you speak. As you are twisting your tongue, it is coming out from underneath.
    -We are in for the best of times.
  5. Finally, we give thanks for fulfillment of prophecies.
    John 5:25, John 11
    In John chapter 11, we saw the prophecy came to pass, through the platform of thanksgiving. Lazarus was dead 4 days, shut up in the grave, already stinking, Jesus said, “Father, I thank You for you hear Me always. Lazarus, come forth” – John 11:40
    The dead heard the voice of the Son of man and came forth – John 11:43
    Awesome God
    John 5:25, John 11: 39-44
    Lazarus came forth, prophecy fulfilled. In everything, give thanks. It is the will of God to see His Word come to pass in your life – 1 Thessalonians 5:18
    You are not a thanksgiver, you don’t see prophecies come through.
    You are busy complaining, “God is still slow for you.” So take it over by yourself.
    -No Word from Heaven, that has ever been delivered into your life through your personal study of the Word, being in prophetic Services like this will ever fall to the ground.
    But the mystery is, “Be Thankful.”
    For 13 years, David never saw the throne. He was anointed at 17, he ascended the throne at 30, but he was busy blessing the Lord at all times. Church Gist. Then suddenly, prophecy came to pass. That is the way it works.
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Don’t hang around complainers. It is very contagious.
“How are you now?”
Response: Oh fine, great
“Tell me the truth, the town is tough. But I know you Winners, you will say, it is great!!!”:
He is mocking your faith and you are hanging around him?
Response: Get off my sight, my friend. Doing what here?
I don’t know protocols oooh, I just know the Bible. You are not going to where I am going, I have nothing to do with you and I don’t have apology for it.
It is contagious – Proverbs 1:10
They want you to say what they say so you can suffer what they suffer. You don’t say what God has said, you miss out of it.
-Well, the good news is from today, thanksgiving becomes your new lifestyle.

Give God thanks.
-Brand new day, brand new season for you in Jesus precious name we have given thanks.


It’s time for the Prophetic Ministration of your ‘one thing at a time’ in God’s presence today. All through scriptures, those who desired just one thing at a time, usually return with their testimonies.
-You must return with yours today.
Hannah asked God for just one thing. God turned it into a testimony for her. She had her man-child delivered to the glory and praise of our God.
“What do you want Hannah?” – Give me a man child, I will give him back to You and God answered her.
God appeared to Solomon in the night, “Ask whatever you want”
Solomon: I just want wisdom. And God gave him wisdom above all the living of his days. He was wiser than all men and the kings of the earth came to hear the wisdom of Solomon.
God has not changed. We have the example of David, he stood before the Lord to ask for forgiveness and God wrote off those terrible sins that he committed from adultery to murder – Psalm 66:18-19
He asked for one thing, “O Lord, do I go up against this army that took away all our people captive.” The Lord said, “go up.”
Every time he asked for one thing, he got it – Psalm 27:4
-Today, your one thing that you desire must return with you as a testimony.

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I believe Bartimaeus must have needed a home, a shelter over his head, but “Bartimaeus, what exactly are you asking for?”
Response: That I may receive my sight.
One thing. Not my sight, house, wife. “My sight” and he got it.
The woman with the issue of blood went for one thing, “If I may but touch the helm of His garment, I shall be made whole.” And immediately the flow of blood stopped.
-Your one thing that you are asking of the Lord today must return as a testimony.

Are you set with your one thing? Make sure it is inscribed, it is written, you are going to present it before the Lord. He reads letters. He read the letter that Hezekiah presented, He responded to it. He spread it before Him, He said “Yes. Is that the king of Assyria? I will deal with him. I will put a hook in his nose and didn’t drag him to where he doesn’t want to go.”
God reads letters.

Prayers: Present that one thing, based on this prophetic alert from Heaven, ‘ONE THING’. Present just that one thing at a time. Let the voice of your one thing be heard in Heaven.
Bartimaeus cried and Jesus stood still. Now, you are before your God, who has the answer to every question. Oh my God, intervene. Let this one thing return to me as a testimony. Oh my God, intervene on this matter today and let this one thing return with me as a testimony this day. Let your cry of faith be heard in Heaven. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
-It is done.
We are going to dance our victory dance. We are dancing our testimony dance. Are you ready for it?
How many believe God has heard them? Show it by singing your song and dancing your dance before the Most High God
Shout Hosanna. Shout a jumping Hosanna.
According to prophetic instructions, keep giving thanks. If you’ve asked for anything in the last 3 Pre-Shiloh Encounter Services that is yet to come, keep giving thanks. It must come, it is a divine order. Keep giving Him thanks and you will be glad you did.
Having walked with Jesus for a few years, I know a bit of how He responds to issues. He tests your faith to deliver your lot, lest you take pride in it.
Keep giving thanks unabatedly, unreservedly. God is God in His Holy Temple. He does whatever things He pleases.
-He has vowed to do your own and no devil can stop it.

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It is important for us to give God another big clap of praise, for what He is doing, in our midst. Landmark University is only 12 years old and here we are, graduating first set of PhDs.
What more? It is running hitch free.
-And that is how your life will start running from here.
-It is running with no sweat, that is how the grace of God upon your life will keep making things happen without sweat.
-Because you belong to this family, it’s your right to plug into such things. Don’t look at it from afar. You are an insider, plug into it!!
Not all Winners sweat to win. Sweating is a curse.
-Your days of struggling to make things happen, I declare them over.
What did you see when you went there? I saw Jesus. This is what Jesus can do. This is what Jesus is doing.
-From henceforth, when men look around you, all they will see is Jesus at work.
-They look around your family, all they will see is Jesus at work.

Mysteriously, Covenant (University) in front, Landmark (University) follows. In the country side, in the village and it is competing favourably with Federal, State and high flyer among Private Universities.
-New things that make news won’t stop happening in your life.
That is a pointer to your prophetic package in this Commission. Giants don’t give birth to dwarfs and dwarfs don’t give birth to giants. Like begets like.
-Many globally rated giants are in this house.

Joseph was in Prison the previous night, he was addressing the Nation the following day. It is a dramatic change of story.
-Because everything in this Commission works and you are a member of the Body of Christ in this place, everything about your life, family, business will keep working together for your good.
-Our love for God as a Commission has kept all things working. I therefore pray that your love for God will stay alive, so you can access the realm of everything working and so shall it be.
You know the joy of this time, you are preparing yourself to access His presence at Shiloh. People come with burdens, they don’t have entrance – Psalm 100:4. So Shiloh will open up to you supernaturally, like never before in your life.
-Don’t come with any form of burden, come with gratitude. He will show His mighty hand in your life.

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