“I heard That At the Nigerian National Assembly, we don’t have equal numbers of representation for every state?” – Pastor Paul Enenche Ask Why

The founder and general overseer of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Pastor Paul Eneche, has described Nigeria as a country that is structured to favour one region over the others.

The man of God disclosed this today while delivering his Sunday sermon at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja.

He said, “Here, we live in a country with a very massive landmass with very massive oppression. How many of you know that the structure of our country is wired for oppression?”

Pastor Enenche questioned why some regions will have more representation at the National Assembly than others. He continued that decisions on sensitive issues will always favour a particular region more than the others since they have more representation.

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“At the National Assembly, we don’t have equal numbers of representation for every state.”

He wondered how equality could be achieved when some regions are favoured in numbers rather than others.

“A place like Bayelsa has eight local governments, while there are places that have 40-something local governments in one state.

“I hear that there are some two states from a part of this country whose collective votes or representation is more than the whole of the region of Southeast and South-south put together,” he said.

The man of God also questioned why Nigeria was still running a democratic setting on a dictatorial platform, saying that the local government and state constituencies were created by the force of military power.

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The man of God, however, asked for divine intervention as a solution to many problems facing the country.

“Thorough work will be done, and it is never too late for God. The Father is doing new work in our country. Something is already happening and Jehovah shall do it.”

He prayed for the youth of Nigeria, saying, “Let the eyes of our people and youths open. No way, this cannot continue anymore.”

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