I Invited A Gospel Musician Only For Her To Turn It Down Saying “Water Has Levels”, Four Months Later Something Mysterious Happened To Her – Pastor Olumide Emmanuel

The Senior pastor of Calvary Bible Church, Pastor Olumide Emmanuel while speaking in a video, explained why he hasn’t paid salary to the instrumentalists in his church since the 29 years he has been in ministry.

The Lagos based pastor made an analogy using the family. He argued that no parent pays the children salary for carrying out the house chores since they are the member of the family. So since the church is a family and he and the wife are the father and mother of the church, he doesn’t need to pay salary to those that play the church’s instrument since they are the member of the family. He condemned such habit and told a story of what happened between his church and a gospel musician who is now late.

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He invited a popular gospel musician based and when they informed her of the budget the church was willing to afford but she rejected it saying that it is too small. Even after a close friend from his church tried to persuade her, she said “tell your pastor, water has levels. He should not desire what he cannot afford, that when your church can afford to pay my fee, call me”. He said the musician died 4 months later in a plane while travelling to give birth in the United States of America.

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