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©️Opeyemi Akintunde

“Do you like it?” Winter said as she took Freeman and Pamilerin round the six bedroom duplex she had bought. She had withdrawn the money from her husband’s account. She knew trouble would come knocking soon from that quarters but she had to handle this first.

” Like? You mean do you love? Love is even an understatement…Wow, this is my dream home …” Pamilerin said

” So when are you moving in?” Winter asked

” Like since yesterday..” Pamilerin said laughing.

” Your children will love the play area at the back.”

” There is a play area?” Pamilerin asked with eyes popped out in happiness and unbelief.

” Yes and a swimming pool” Winter said laughing.

Freeman’s phone rang . It was one of the investors he had been chasing for over two years. When he saw the called ID, his heart flipped. He knew it was wise for him to step aside and receive the call…

” I have to take this call, you can go ahead, I will join you.” Freeman said

Winter wondered who the caller was and why he couldn’t pick up the call in front of his wife.

” Maybe another girlfriend? Hmm…this guy may not be as simple as I think he is..” Winter thought as she kept looking over her shoulder to where Freeman was receiving his call…

” Oh my Goodness…this is amazing…Mrs Winter, You are an answer to my prayers… Oh my God… this place is like paradise” Pamilerin said as she turned in mini circles in excitement.

” Your husband has another woman…” Winter said out of the blues. She was getting tired of Pamilerin acting like a child. She wanted to speed up this game..

” Sorry?” Pamilerin turned to face her suddenly

” I am sorry..Forget you heard me say anything. I sometimes get carried away when I see women being cheated on , especially good women.” Winter said

” I don’t get you… what do you know about him you don’t want me to know?” Pamilerin said

” Can your heart take it and you won’t react like a child?” Winter replied

” I am not a child!” Pamilerin said faking a smile.

” Well, ever since your husband and I met, i notice he receives all calls in front of me, but one particular call, he moves away. I think he has a pet name for her. He calls her Beauty”

Pamilerin’s world came crashing… Beauty was the lady Freeman just broke up with.

” He is still seeing her?” Pamilerin said as she staggered a bit and fell into the pool. Winter jumped into the pool. At that moment, Freeman turned back, Winter quickly faked a smile giving him the impression they were playing. Freeman also could not hang up, instead he walked away …

” Are you okay? Can you swim?” Winter asked with a concerned look.

Pamilerin nodded and with a shaky voice she said

” But he told me it was over between them.”

” That’s a big lie. They talk everyday. He is definitely speaking with her.” Winter said

Pamilerin made the move to approach him but Winter pulled her back into the water and rested her back on the wall of the pool.

” And where are you going? To confront him? Sister, don’t be a baby… If you do, out of cowardice he will tell the other girl off and that girl will get mad at you.

And I don’t know if you know, some of these girls are witches, they will go diabolical on your case…Sis, they will kill you before you know.”

” So I should just let him continue this wickednes? I made Freeman. Freeman’s business grew because of my guardians. “

” There is a way to go about things like this. Don’t be a small girl. We can scatter them and put him under your armpit.”

” Put him under my armpit?”

“Yes sis, that was the mistake i made. My husband died on a woman. He had a heart attack while riding her. When the Police arrested her, she confessed to putting my husband under her armpit. Sister, if I had known about putting men under one’s armpit, my husband would still be alive. At least I would have sent such woman away from him…”

” Like seriously, how can I put him under my armpit?” Pamilerin asked ” I hope it is not anything diabolic”

” No, just herbal aphrodisiac…It is from plants. God created plants for our use…It will increase your husband’s sexual appetite for you. All he will be thinking about is you and that will make him run away from other women.” Winter said

” Really? I think I have heard about it before, but I thought it was evil as it was used by most side chics to snatch men from their wives” Pamilerin said

” Well, don’t you think housewives need to be smarter, it is better they use it on their husbands before the side chics use it. You had better use it before this Beauty lady use it on your husband.” Winter said

Pamilerin felt uncertain about it but thinking about all the money Freeman would be making from Mrs Winter soon, she didn’t want to lose out. She didn’t want Beauty displacing her.

She nodded her head in agreement to Winter…

” How do we get it?”

” We will order it and it will be delivered to us” Winter knew better than suggesting Pamilerin should follow her to Baba Shagba, besides she wasn’t planning to give her the aphrodisiac. She was going to give a something else. The exact opposite of what she would be expecting.

Baba Shagba was going to prepare the charm and send it through a despatch rider. She would tell Baba Shagba to package it well.

” How much?” Pamilerin said distracting Winter from her thoughts.

” Leave that to me… That would be a gift from me to you. You should get it in 3 days, but meanwhile don’t let your husband suspect anything.” Winter said


” Let’s get out of this pool…”

” Sure, can we go in? I think the way I fell into the water put more pressure on the Leg. I am beginning to have the burning sensation

” Oh the Leg! I can ask the Aphrodisiac woman if she has any ointment that can help with pain.” Winter said

” That will be nice… Thank you so much… Are you real?” Pamilerin said smiling

” Am I real? What do you mean?” Winter feared Pamilerin was beginning to suspect her…

” I mean, you are everything i have been praying for…a friend, a sister, a confidant, an adviser… I should tell you my story one of these days… I grew up as a maid so I didn’t have friends. The daughters of my boss turned guardian always saw me as the girl from the village though they pretended to see me as they equal, but I could read a lot in their eyes.”

” Really? You are no more a maid, you are a beautiful, strong woman!” Winter said as she softly touched Pamilerin’s cheeks. She had seen an entry point. She pulled her of the water…

“Let me carry you on my back to reduce the pressure from your leg” Winter said

Winter crouched expecting Pamilerin to hop on her back…She could see that Pamilerin was a woman who saw herself less of who she was. She would be hungry for female acceptance and female Love.

” No way, I weigh 80kg” Pamilerin said smiling…

” Try me…” Winter said…

Pamilerin hopped on her back laughing…

” So tell me more about yourself…” Winter said as she carried her towards the house.

Freeman saw Mrs Winter carrying Pamilerin, he was comfortable with the sight.


Freeman laid on the bed full of excitement. He was however trying so hard to curtail the excitement so Pamilerin wouldn’t get the gist of what had happened earlier…

He was having the best time of his life…

The investor who called him earlier said he was finally ready to invest one billion Naira into his company …


The man was one of the popular businessmen in the country. He had been trying to convince him for two years, but suddenly he was interested in investing…

” 1 billion Naira”

” Maybe I should drop Mrs Winter, Chief Gabriel is a better option. He already has a business network in the country and besides it was safer partnering with someone of the same sex” Freeman had thought earlier but on a second thought, he saw it as stupidity losing one investor when he could have two…

” I will keep the two of them, but I won’t tell Pamilerin yet.” Freeman had concluded on their way back from the house.

He noticed Pamilerin was getting too interested in the finance of his business. It was therefore wise not to let her in on the 1 billion Naira investment.

” Who called you this afternoon while we were at the house?” Pamilerin said.

Freeman jumped in fear…

” You were not sleeping?” Freeman asked as he tried to gather his thoughts

” Obviously!” Pamilerin replied

” Not someone important …just an old friend” Freeman said

” And you had to go to a corner to receive her call!”

” Firstly, he wasn’t a ” her”. He was a “He” and secondly as much as we are trying to be open and friendly with Mrs Winter, I am not about to open my entire life to her.. That leads me to saying, you should be careful..I see how you adore her, remember….you just met her. Also, I don’t think we should move in with her.”

” What? You are just saying that now! after she has paid for the house because of us..Too late dear husband. If you are not ready to move in with us, myself, my children and Remi would move in…

Freeman don’t spoil this big chance God has given us to be better than those who thought what could possibly come out from us.” Pamilerin said referring to Dearest Mum’s children. Pamilerin had hidden envy and bitterness towards Dearest Mum’s daughters. She felt they thought less of her and she hopes to one day be richer than them.

Freeman wanted to tell her about the new door that was opened but he restrained himself…

” There is no harm in having two options, I will keep both of them and whoever signs first wins me” Freeman concluded…

Pamilerin on the other hand, knew she needed the Aphrodisiac so she could put Freeman under her armpit, for him not to mess up this opportunity.

To be continued



©️Opeyemi Akintunde

As Inspired by the HOLY ONE

The next two weeks went by so fast, a lot happened.

Pamilerin moved in with Winter. She went with her children and Remi. Remi felt like she was walking on air. She couldn’t tell what was happening. The day , Pamilerin had told her they were moving to a new house, she had been surprised…

“ What is wrong with this house?” Remi had asked

“ Nothing… God has provided a bigger one. Daddy’s business partner has bought us a new one” Pamilerin replied

“ That woman?” Remi asked with a question Mark in her voice

“ Yes! That woman … Remi! I noticed you have been unhappy since this woman came into our home. Are you an enemy of progress? Don’t let me start suspecting anything evil about you!” Pamilerin said insinuating Remi was about to allow the devil use her against their family.

“ I am sorry ma’am!”

Remi was more confused when they started moving in to the house and she realized they would be living with the woman while Freeman would be staying at the old house.

She couldn’t ask questions so as not to be seen as the enemy of progress.


She had however overheard series of conversations that gave her a hint of what was happening…

One day, she overheard the couple arguing…

“ This is the problem I have with you, you start something big and run away.. We agreed to move in with the woman so we could build a good relationship and earn her trust… 70 million dollars is not a small amount to collect from her… Stop behaving like an ingrate” Pamilerin had said

“ Pamilerin, I am just trying to be careful, I don’t want all of us sailing in her ship, what if the ship capsizes, who will be on land to save our family… Let me stay on the outside, I will come over every weekend to stay with you guys.” Freeman said holding Pamilerin

“ Fine…I hope that is the main reason you are staying back.” Pamilerin said referring to Beauty..

Pamilerin had used the aphrodisiac portion as given to her by Winter but she had not seen the exceptional love Winter said she would see. Instead he was becoming withdrawn.

When she complained to Winter, Winter said maybe the side chic might have used something more powerful. Winter promised to get something more effective.

Winter on the other hand also had a lot on her plate. This was the first time she was trying to handle two men at the same time. She had the man in Abuja who had been calling non stop. He had been angry at her for withdrawing the money to buy the house in Banana Island. She had however cooked up a story…

“ Babe, it’s my friend’s house. You know the friend I came to stay with, her sickness is really going out of hand and she wanted to sell the house cheaply, so I decided to buy it for us. It is really a cheap buy”

“ But you should have told me … you should have informed me ahead. You know Joy also receives credit alerts on her phone for that account.” Her latest man had said.

Joy was the man’s second daughter who was the hard one of the family. She didn’t like Winter one bit, and she had told Winter to her face. However, Winter didn’t want to raise any dust, so she refused hurting her. She was going to deal with her after her father’s demise.

Joy had sent a message…

“ Hey Gold digger, you may think you have found a place to dig gold from, I have told you before and I will repeat it, my family is off limits. If you are in this marriage for love, enjoy it but if you are in it for the money, you are not going to get any of it. I have seen that you withdrew money from my father’s account, count that as the only money you are ever going to get out of us, the next huge money you try to withdraw will be used by your family for your burial. It’s not a threat. I am for real “

Winter had turned her neck to the left and to the right after reading the text, she usually did that whenever someone was becoming a pain in the neck.

“ Joy, I thought I should let you enjoy your father’s wealth a little, before I took everything over, but I guess the grave is inviting you earlier than your arrival time” Winter had said to herself in the mirror.

She thought of how to get rid of her, she knew diabolical would be fast and easy as Joy was not a spiritual person, but Winter was skeptical of Baba Shagba. He had not delivered on Pamilerin, so he might fail with Joy.

“ An Assassin will do it fast and well” Winter concluded as she took another shot of her hot Alcoholic drink.

As she laid on her bed that night, She reflected on how the last two weeks had played out. It played out the way she wanted it to be with Pamilerin but Freeman had altered her plans a bit, but nevertheless she had modified her own plans too.

She had told Baba Shagba to make two portions. One was a love portion for Freeman to fall in love with her, while the other was a hatred portion which was to work against Pamilerin. However, Pamilerin had told her she was only able to use one of the portions, she said the second portion mistakenly poured on the floor as Remi walked in on her.

Winter could not order a replacement from Baba Shagba as she didn’t know which one Pamilerin gave Freeman. She didn’t want to give double of the love portion. She didn’t want him clinging to her. It would disrupt the plan, she wanted it to be subtle.

The last two weeks had been hectic for all the game players but if only they knew the game was about to get tough….

To be continued….


©️Opeyemi Akintunde

Inspired by the DEEP ONE…

Pamilerin was having a strange feeling. She was ashamed to think about it. Could it be right?

She had become so close to Winter, she wanted to be around her all the time. She was thinking less of Freeman. In fact, she wasn’t looking forward to seeing him during the weekend.

Instead, as she stayed at home with the kids, she was always anxious to receive Winter whenever she went out.

Remi noticed it too, she noticed her boss was treating the strange woman like a lover. She was eager to cook for her, wash her clothes and the intimacy between them was second to none. Remi watched on several occasions her boss putting her head on the Laps of Mrs Winter and Mrs Winter would be stroking her hair and rubbing her bare arm…

Venita also noticed the change in their lifestyle which her young mind was finding it hard to understand. She was beginning to stay more in her new room. Though the house had more fun things than the former house. Venita was not happy staying there.

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For her sisters, the feeling was not the same. They were excited about the new house because that had a play area.

Their Mum had told them, they would be attending a new and more expensive school. She told them the new woman wanted them in a better school. Venita had been silent as she was the type who took her time to analyze situations before protesting against it…

She however was getting to that point soon.

Since their arrival, a week ago, her mother had told them their father was going to be there for the weekend, but it was Saturday evening already and her father was no where in sight.

She heard a car driving into the compound, without checking to see if it was her father’s car, she dashed out of the room towards the living room downstairs.

On getting downstairs , she saw her mother retouching her hair. Venita smiled at that. Marriage was beautiful, she appreciated the fact that after all these years, her mum always wanted to look good for her Dad.

” Hey! Welcome Sis…” Venita heard when her mother said those words with excitement as soon as their host stepped in…

Venita didn’t speak a word of greeting to her, instead she ran out to check if her Dad was out there..She ran back inside

” Mummy, can I have a word with you?” Venita said

Winter and Pamilerin were surprised at the tone of Venita words. Winter noticed out of the three girls, she had not warmed up to her.

” Venita, is everything alright? Were you expecting someone else? Oh! Your Dad? He is on his way, he should be here soon, he had some unplanned meetings to attend to.” Winter the game player quickly said… She also had been trying to get a hold on him all week but he was always at one meeting or the other. Winter kept wondering if this was how busy his life or if he was seeing another woman. At that point, she wished she knew which portion Pamilerin had given him…

Back to the Present, Venita nodded her head in acknowledgement of Winter’s explanation but she still needed to speak to her mother privately.

Pamilerin pulled her daughter out of the house far away from the main building…

” Venita what is it?” Pamilerin asked with a serious look and tone..

” Mummy, what are we doing here? As much as this place feels like paradise, I don’t feel comfortable here. I love our house, at least we own it. It is not rented… ” Venita said

” We can’t live there anymore.God has upgraded us…”

” Mummy, I don’t like it here, Mummy when last did we have our morning or night devotion? Now you and that Woman gist or watch movies till 3am…I miss how we were living before” Venita said with teary eyes…

” Hey, Baby…We are not where we used to be…Darling there is the time to pray or work hard and there is the time to eat the fruit of our labour…Venita you can agree that there is no day we didn’t pray about God sending us help, darling God has answered… ” Pamilerin said. Pamilerin looked sideways to ensure no one was coming their way, she continued but in a very low tone.

” Venita, this woman, Mrs Winter is so rich she can buy our entire family but thankfully she is the one at our Mercy. She wants to invest in your Daddy’s business so she can make more money. Baby, we are going to billionaires soon. We will have our own private jet and anytime we go for the yearly party at Grandma’s house, you will flaunt your parents’ wealth in their faces. You will let them know that Jesus has blessed your parents too” Pamilerin said referring to Dearest Mom’s grandchildren…

” But Mummy, that is not right, you taught us not to be boastful …” Venita said

” That’s not boasting …it’s showing that God is also good to us” Pamilerin quickly defended herself

” Mummy, have you been jealous of my aunties all this while because they are richer than us…” Venita asked

” Nooo…Why would you say that?”

” You are sounding like that!…Besides mum, I hope you are not putting your trust in man. You taught us that woe to anyone who puts his or her trust in man. You are worshipping this Aunty. Yesterday I saw you washing her panties.”

” I…I….was just trying to be humble and appreciative of how she is willing to help our family”

” I thought you said she is the one at our Mercy… Mummy you are confusing me.. Mummy, do you want to know how I really feel?” Venita said as Pamilerin nodded in the positive

” Mummy, I don’t like her… she makes me scared…she gives me chills, Mummy, I have this feeling she is evil and her mission is to destroy our family…”

” Shut up!” Pamilerin accompanied that order with a slap…

” Who has been feeding you with the trash you just vomited out of your mouth, clearly not from me… Oh! Let me guess …Remi?”

Pamilerin pushed Venita aside and went hunting for Remi…


Winter waited for Pamilerin and Venita to be out of her view. As they stepped out, Winter picked up her phone. She dialed Freeman’s number…

” Your daughter wants to see you. You promised to be see then by weekends, she has been waiting … or are you not interested in our my investment again?”


Timothy heard a word …

” Arise!”

To be continued

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