©Opeyemi Akintunde

As Inspired by the HOLY ONE

Ajoke got to the Village as early as the Word “Early” meant in her hometown. The farmers were going to their farm and the local food sellers were cooking the food for the day…

“Mama Pamilerin, did your daughter send you away?” Iya Rolake mocked Ajoke. She was Ajoke’s sworn enemy and she was not discrete about it. The reason was obvious; the two had been best of friends and they both had sent their daughters to the city to be maids.

Pamilerin concentrated on her purpose of being a maid, but Rolake came back home with a pregnancy. She

had seduced her boss’ husband, who denied her pregnancy when everything

came out in the open.

Ajoke started blowing her daughter’s trumpet in the village as a disciplined

child. Iya Rolake hence made it a duty to always taunt Ajoke at every given


“One would have thought, with the disciplined child you have, you won’t live in this village again, but behold, you are still struggling to share the village with us, and even when you want to rub it in our faces that you have

a child in the city, you don‟t even spend two days there before they send you away. At least, we are not trying to live a fake life.” Iya Rolake said out loud as Ajoke past her house.

“You are going there again… Juju woman” Iya Rolake said as she noticed Ajoke going to her Herbalist friend’s house instead of entering her house.

Ajoke was not in the mood for any fight, she had more serious issues to deal



“Ajoke, your daughter has eaten a love portion.” The herbalist told Ajoke.

“What do you mean?”

“Go dip your hands in that pot, wipe your face with the water from the pot.” He instructed Ajoke.

Ajoke did as she was told.

“Look into the mirror and see what happened.”

Ajoke fixed her gaze into the Mirror and saw Winter making a call to Baba Shagba.

“I need you to prepare me two portions, the portions are to be used on the

man. The first portion, should make him hate his wife with all passion.

While the second portion should make him love me.” Winter had said.

“When the portion is ready, let it be well packaged. I will send you a package you will use. I want it to look like a company product. Thereafter, you send it through a dispatch rider.”

Ajoke watched as Pamilerin received the package. She kept in a very hidden place in the Kitchen.

Some hours later, Pamilerin had poured the first portion of hate in the food, but as she was about to put in the second portion of love in the meal, it fell from her shaky hands, when she heard Remi approaching. Pamilerin‟s

finger had mistakenly touched a part of the love portion, coincidentally, she

put her finger in her mouth as a sign of regret of the accident.

Unknowingly, her tongue had contacted the love portion on the tip of her finger.

“My God!” Ajoke shouted.

“Which of the gods are you calling?” Aremu, the herbalist teased her.

“Any of the gods that can save me now”

“I am sorry Ajoke, none of the gods can save you now. Unless your daughter

takes the antidote, that is the only way she can be free. I don‟t know what kind of portion she used or the ingredients used in preparing it, if I know the ingredients, I may be able to find the antidote to counter what has been done.”

“Find out through the Mirror, what the herbalist used.”

“You can’t access another Herbalist’s secret room. He would have covered his Secret room with dark curtains. If it was easy to access other Herbalist‟s

room, herbalists would have been killing themselves. Once you know a

man’s secret, or his room of power, you have brought that man down” Aremu said

“So, what are you saying?

“As your friend, do you want to know the truth?” Aremu asked frankly

Ajoke nodded in the affirmative

“Cases like this can only be solved by the INVISIBLE GOD, who is the

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IRREVERSIBLE REVERSER, only Him can reverse this. You know what I

mean Right? Go and meet Mama Church to help you talk to God… “ Aremu


“Mama Church? You know the power of the Church can be slow. I want

something that will answer now. So Aremu, you mean you are not capable, I

will go to Odo Eran, I heard there is a new herbalist that is full of power…” Ajoke said angrily.

“Ajoke, let me give you the wisdom I can lend you, I am a herbalist and I know how things work, if you go somewhere, they won‟t let you in on this truth. They will tell you they will take away the effect of the Love portion, but in actual sense, what they will do is make your daughter fall in love with her husband back, hence she will become confused. The love portions will be pulling her into two different directions. To love her husband and to love

the woman. In the Long run, it will run her mad…”

The mention of insanity did not go down well with Ajoke. If her daughter ran mad, the likes of Iya Rolake would mock her and make the noise around the village of how she was right about Ajoke being a witch.


Freeman struggled with sleep, he didn’t want to sleep, he was too dazed to

sleep, but Nature couldn’t be cheated.

He dozed off in the Living room…He saw a woman fighting with her daughter who had offended her, the

woman was so angry with the daughter she was using all her strength to fight her. She fought her so much, even though the child kept apologizing…

Eventually, when the mother was exhausted from the fight, she stepped away from the child. To the utter amazement of the Mother and Child, the mother had sustained so many wounds. She had a lot of holes in her body, the holes looked like someone had cut part of her flesh out.

Instead of the child to suffer any injury, it was the angry mother that had all the injuries…

Freeman woke up from his nap…

“What kind of dream is this?”

To be continued…



©Opeyemi Akintunde

As Inspired by the HOLY ONE

Beauty heard the cry of the baby far away from the room where she sat with Lara.

Lara had been cleaned up and she laid on their Mattress, while Beauty

sat thinking about her misery.

The cry of the baby stopped suddenly…

Lara sighed deeply… the child had been killed…

Beauty felt firsthand what the term “Heavy Heart” meant. It felt like a stone

had been placed in her chest.

“How can humans be wicked and selfish? “ She said thinking about Baba

Shagba and Winter…

“You were also wicked, you were dating another woman’s husband. Were

you not selfish and inconsiderate? Dating another woman’s husband is equivalent to killing the woman, because you rob her of her full Joy.” Beauty heard the words in her heart as a reply…

“Most Wickedness is born out of selfishness… When a person desires to make themselves happy at the expense of another person’s unhappiness, they are wicked.” Beauty could tell someone was ministering to her soul.


“Good Morning, beloved of the Lord, I am here again to bring you good tidings from the Lord. I was here yesterday and I can tell you Heaven was happy because some people came to the Lord yesterday. Are you part of those people? I say big congratulations to you, because you have taken the

wisest decision of your life. Welcome to the family of God… I celebrate

you… Congratulations because you are coming out of that poverty soon, you

are coming out of that depression, you are coming out of that debt, you are

coming out of that captivity… Hallelujah…” Timothy preached with excitement…

Beauty remembered the voice from the day before. She wasn’t sure she wanted to hear anything the man had to say. He Said God was going to bring her out of the Captivity, but here she was with no hope of coming out.

“Coming out of Captivity doesn‟t happen overnight, so don‟t be disappointed if God does not show up as early as you want, one thing

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however is sure, He will Show up. It may not be at your own timing, but He

will bring you out at the right time. Joseph was in the pit for a while. Guess who put him in there? His own brothers. God brought Him out of that Pit, through the hands of those who put him there initially. Our God is very Mysterious, do you believe God can use your Captors for you. God can do all things in unbelievable ways to bring you out of your Captivity.

Do you know God can put your fear in the heart of your Captors like he did for the Children of Israel, in a way that your Captor will release you in a rush ? These two examples I just gave you buttresses my point about

Timing. Joseph was in his own pit for hours before God brought him out of the Pit, while the Children of Israel were in Egypt for years… One thing was however sure, God brought them out…

I don‟t know who I am Speaking to right now, but know that your Captivity

will soon be over. Get busy in your Captivity, grow in the Lord, serve the Lord. Remember, when Joseph was in Prison, He still interpreted dreams.

Don‟t let your Captivity swallow you, draw closer to God and soon you will

have a beautiful song to sing.” Timothy said.

Beauty had listened and she wept sore. She knew without a doubt the Word

was for her.

What broke her was the fact that the preacher had told her the truth—She didn‟t know when her Captivity would be over.

“God, I want to draw close to you in this Captivity, I know someday I will come out from here”


“Where is this place and what are we doing here?” Pamilerin asked the man

in the tree next to her.

“We got high and they have captured us?”

“High? As in?” Pamilerin asked as she was confused

“Don‟t tell me you were a victim?” the man asked with pity in his voice

“Please, You are not making Sense,” Pamilerin said

“Did you take Leary?‟

“What is Leary?”

“The new hard drug in town”

Pamilerin tried to cast her mind back. The Beach House…She didn’t take

any hard drug at the beach house. She was sure of it!

“You look like you have never heard it, hope it wasn‟t put in your drink?”

“My drink?” Pamilerin echoed thinking about the Beach house.

“Winter!” Pamilerin remembered Winter handling her a drink.

“Oh my God!, I remember, it’s possible my friend drugged me. But I still

don’t understand the correlation of the drug and this place?”

“I have been here for 3 years, I am addicted to Leary. I come in and out.The

Creators of Leary are highly occultic people, who desire to use the souls of men to do Spiritual tasks. We have Spiritual Mines, and the Occultic people need workers to mine people’s lives of their virtues. They decided to find ways to trap the souls of men. Hence, Leary was created. Leary makes one’s Spirit to travel out of their body, therefore, as people take Leary

everywhere, there are demons commissioned to track down Leary users.

Once anyone uses Leary, the demons track the person down and captures

them.” The man explained to Pamilerin.

“So, are you saying, it’s my Spirit that is here, my body is somewhere else?”

“Exactly, as a dummy”

To be continued…



©Opeyemi Akintunde

As Inspired by the HOLY ONE

Ajoke was lost as to what she had to do. Pamilerin was the best of her Children, Pamilerin was her hope, her other kids were illiterates. Pamilerin was the one helping with all her financial needs. She didn’t mind going any length for her, but going to Mama Church was quite extreme.

Ajoke was not a lover of Christianity, because she felt Christianity was slow. She felt Christianity was also a religion that couldn’t deal with people on one’s behalf. She loved to teach people lessons in a diabolical way.

Mama Church was not a stranger to her, infact, Mama Church used to be very close to her. Mama Church, Iya Rolake and Ajoke had been very close in their younger years, but Mama Church who she knew as Aina gave her life to Christ when some Missionaries had come to their village. Aina tried to force Ajoke and Iya Rolake into Christianity but they were not interested. Though Aina’s Children did not go to the City like Pamilerin, their lives were enviable. She had Five daughters and they all were doing well. They were into business, Poultry, Farming and the richest out of her daughters was into Bakery. She was the only Bread Maker in their Village.

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Mama Church’s life reflected that though the God of the Christians may not rush to give answers to the prayers of His believers, but one thing was sure, He would answer them in grand style eventually.

“Hmm, God of Mama church… I am coming to you, please don’t disappoint me.” Ajoke said.


Maurine sat on the dining table sipping her coffee… she was reflecting on how she picked up Pamilerin at the age of 10 and groomed her for 16 years and yet Pamilerin dare say those terrible things about her.

Her phone rang. It was Freeman calling. She Ignored the call…


Freeman knew the best person who could give him the interpretation of the dream was Dearest Mom, but she was not picking up his call.

Another call intercepted another attempt of his to call Dearest Mom. It was Chief Gabriel calling.

“Hello Sir! Good Morning Sir. I hope you had a great night sir?” Freeman Said.

“Yes Freeman, I am good. A quick one, we are going to pend the investment for a while. I need to rethink my investment decision” Chief said with his professional voice

“Sir? What? What’s wrong sir? Did I do something wrong?’ Freeman said. He could see everything ending for him.

“No, you didn’t do anything wrong, I just need to clarify certain things on my end. Once, I have it settled, I will call you back.” Chief said before hanging up abruptly.

Freeman turned 360 degrees in his living room. It felt like the room was turning repeatedly.

“God, please… don’t do this to me.”

“God didn’t do this to you, you did this to yourself!” a voice replied him.


Two days later…

Winter didn’t understand what was happening anymore . It had been two days since Pamilerin slept, the drug was meant to wear out after a day and a half. Winter’s only consolation was that she was breathing well.

Winter sat her up and propped her with a pillow. Pamilerin’s eyes were widely opened but it felt like she was brain drained.

“Pamilerin can you hear me?” Winter asked.

Pamilerin only blinked. She looked like she was in distress.

“Pamilerin answer me…” Fear had set into Winter.

Winter rushed out of the room. She went out to search for the lady who sold the Leary to her.

“Hey…” Winter said on seeing her.

“Yes, how many wraps?” She asked eagerly.

“I don’t want any wrap.. my friend is behaving strangely… I gave her two wraps of the Leary and she slept for two days straight. Just now I was able to wake her up, but she is looking dazed and not saying anything.” Winter said in a rush.

Winter saw the look of fear in her eyes…

“Let me have a look at her…”

Winter could see fear in the lady and that aggravated Winter’s fear. Pamilerin dying or losing her mind was going to destroy her plans. If only Pamilerin had done the video, Winter would have sent the video to the organization and she would have made a lot of money from that.

“She took too much.. her brain is fried…” the lady said to Winter.

“What can you do to bring her back?’

“Me? What do I do? Was I the one who gave her the overdose. You better take her to a very good hospital, maybe they will be able to flush out the drug from her system.” She walked out on saying the last word.

Winter looked around, confused on what she had to do…This was not her plan…

To be continued…

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My Passion for The Gospel bought about this great Platform.. I love to share the Good News. That's my PASSION. I don't believe the Gospel should be boring. Nobelie is so exclusive. You won't find what we offer any where else. You ask a friend.

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