I made an investment without my knowledge

Without realizing it, I made an investment.

Investment is defined as “the activity or process of capitalizing money for profit or material outcome” and “a product worth buying because it may be profitable or beneficial in the future” by Oxford Languages Online and Google, respectively.

Among my close acquaintances, seven out of ten have some kind of life insurance policy. It guarantees that no loose ends will remain when an unexpected event occurs.

It also implies investing in a venture that promises to return double or more the initial capital. Rather than incurring debt, it buys assets.

The most common forms of investment are gold, businesses, and real estate. The more time passes, the more valuable they become.

In reality, though, investments don’t always function in this manner. To invest is to put one’s time, effort, or energy into something with the hope of gaining something in return.

Really, I didn’t see that coming. I made a financial commitment of which I was completely ignorant. The investment I made became clear to me during a week spent in the hospital “watching” my father, who had been hospitalised with hypokalaemia, or low potassium.

Investing is something that automatically conjures up images of monetary value in our minds. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, come to mind. But now I know that it’s not the only way investments may go.

Where did my investment go?

I put effort into building my friendships.

“And let us not become weary in well doing, for in due time we will reap if we do not lose heart. Therefore, as we are able, let us do good to all people, especially to those who are members of the home of faith ” (Galatians Chapter 6 verses 9 to 10).

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I didn’t realize that the seeds I planted when I made the decision to pray, connect, and respond to and for other people would grow into such massive trees.

Having the ability to pray is a blessing.

One of my habits is to pray for the motorists I pass, the sick I see on Facebook, and the strangers I meet in the street.

Another thing I enjoy doing is praying for folks who have sent me prayer requests. Praying for them is one of my favorite things to do because I think it’s the most valuable thing I can do for them.

Love languages center on connection.

It’s easy to get used to interacting with others via digital means and forget the value of really spending time with those individuals. There is a vast list of activities that can be performed online, but not as effectively as when we meet face to face.

Time spent with loved ones, whether they be blood relatives or members of one’s church family, is still irreplaceable. It will help us spread the power of the Source (God) to which we are connected, as well as strengthen our bonds with one another.

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An Act of Response

To respond implies physical presence and active participation. We have the ability to react verbally and physically.

We might all use a friend’s phone call or an offer of assistance now and then. Happiness and blessings are contagious when people are kind to one another.

Being genuine with other people, as the Bible instructs in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, can have wonderful benefits.

The profit I made on my investment

I told my pals only two things about our time in the hospital: my father’s condition and the fact that we were confined to the hospital grounds.

There are no close relatives in the region who could provide for us in the absence of indoor access to food, water, and other necessities.

A friend of mine, Ceej, who lives in a different province than the hospital, somehow managed to get in touch with another friend of ours, Jai, who just so happened to live in the same city as the hospital where my father was being treated. Thanks to them, we can get our hands on whatever we might require.

Jai always made sure to provide us with nutritious meals at the appropriate times. Whenever I made him these traditional “lutong bahay” or “ilokano” dishes, he would exclaim, “What a lovely lunch!” He was able to recover so rapidly because they cared enough to send us food, vitamins, and extra snacks to ensure our wellbeing.

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Never discount God’s hand in your friendships.

A flood of tears flowed down my face as I considered God’s exquisite design for human relationships. I simply became honest with others and prayed for them regularly. I try to accommodate their requests as best I can and give them the time they need.

As I reflected on the situation in the hospital, I prayed, “Lord, I pray that you will not let “How thoughtful of you to consider me. I have no doubt that you sent me these individuals.” Even before my father’s emergency, God knew I had a solid network of people who could help me out in a pinch.

How do you choose which investments to make?

It could have been cash, gold, or even a piece of land, but I unwittingly put my resources into something that will last a lifetime, if not forever.

In all my years of giving to others, I have never once expected to receive anything in return. I did so voluntarily. To my surprise, though, God used this friendship’s investment to reap acts of generosity and kindness when I most needed them.

When I think back on this amazing time, I can’t help but think about Jesus. If Jesus were alive today, I believe he would do the same thing. And he would be of assistance. That’s something he’d really enjoy. People would be forced to confess, “I know it’s You, God.”

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