“I must make it” what are you making?” – Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals Why Believers Must Desist From Making Such Statement

“I must make it” what are you making? It is God that makes great. There are people with plenty of money without a name, on the street where they live, they have no name there. In their village, they have no name there and they can’t even give expression to the money they have because it is stolen. 

Caution! You can’t carry the world into heaven. Caution! You have been here for a long time and you have never heard them raise a prayer point here “oh God open your heaven, if you don’t open it, we won’t come next Sunday”. Just do what opens the heaven, it will open. There is no point in struggling.

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If you repent indeed, He saves you. Not come back tomorrow. When it comes from God it is secure. When it comes from God, it cannot be overturned. 

When it comes from God, it is enduring, it is life lasting. Whatever the Lord doeth shall be forever. This rat race must stop, God wants to prosper us on His own terms, at His own time. He gives them little by little so it will not destroy them. 

As good as food is if you take more than your mouth can handle you will choke. Good food has taken good life because of oversize. I told God a long time ago whatever you give me that will make me miss you, don’t let my hand touch it. 

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Do you have value for heaven? People are running around the entire world most times they return empty. When God blesses, it is always irreversible. That is the kind you will get from henceforth. 

Bishop Oyedepo Outlines A List Of The Sins That Can Prevent A Believer From Getting To Heaven.Bishop Oyedepo Outlines A List Of The Sins That Can Prevent A Believer From Getting To Heaven.
Bishop Oyedepo Outlines A List Of The Sins That Can Prevent A Believer From Getting To Heaven.

People lie so easily and they are Christians, you just wonder what is going on. Beware of covetousness. Luke 12:15-21. Just show me a genuine kingdom promoter, he can’t miss promotion once. 

God will just be lifting Him from one place to another. Giant kingdom promoters are the ones that become kingdom giants. So all these cravings for money, you can’t give one dime to a dying person because it is in their blood. No one here shall be a victim of this inordinate craving for illegitimate wealth. 

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If they keep money with you it is not safe, you will lie, lie, lie to confuse the person. Proverbs 28:30. Jeremiah 17:11. God forbid! Be satisfied with your present level with Jesus. 

When you are due for the next, he will take you there. Money gotten by tricks makes men mourn. 1 Timothy 6:10-11. You shall not suffer sorrow in your life. By His grace, I am as at rest today as I was then. If you say it is not true, good luck. 

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