I once prayed for an electrician who came to fix something at my place, what happened next was mindblowing – Pastor E.A Adeboye



There are two dimensions to a Journey and Life is a series of Journey. The first dimension is the going and the second dimension is the returning and as the Bible has said “the end of a thing is better than the beginning thereof”, in other words the returning is more important than the going. Particularly, if you have met the Redeemer on the way, if you travel and along the Journey you come across the Redeemer, your returning is definitely going to be far better than your going, that is why the Bible says: the redeemed of the Lord, those who have met the Redeemer on the way and became redeemed shall return and come with singing. Let me use this opportunity to tell someone here tonight, that as the lord lives by the time you return here next year, you will be singing. I thought I will hear your amen.

Then they brought this young man to redemption camp, when I saw him his head has become swollen almost 3 times the normal size, even my faith shook, it took him 1 hour to drink a bottle of coke, because his sickness has so enlarge his head, he was already choking, but we presented his case to the Redeemer, because the Redeemer is also the healer, by the special grace of God after some weeks this same boy returned to the United Kingdom to very Doctors who said he has 2 weeks to live, they could not believe that they are looking at the same fellow, he was able to say to them yes I was condemn to die but now I am whole. In the name that is above every other name, because you came tonight, every form of diseases that you brought here will not follow you back home.

When the poor, the destitute travels on a journey to meet with the Redeemer that fellow is going to return singing I was poor but now I am rich. I will give you just one example too, 2nd Kings 4:1-7 tells us the story of a Widow, she has nothing of value in her house, the creditor came and they said there is nothing in this house that we can sell rather than just for you to sell your children, pay us or your children are gone, she ran to the servant of the most high God and cried, you know the rest of the story, the man of God told her what to do, she went she did it and she came back to the man of God, the man of God said I know what the situation is now, go back now tell the creditors I was destitute but now I have more than enough. I have good news for someone, you may think you have come to a Carole service but you have come to keep an appointment with God because I believe that by the time you are returning next year, your song will be I was poor but now I am rich, if that is going to be your story let me hear you shout Hallelujah!!!

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I know you may say how can that be, years ago when I transferred to the University of Ilorin to lecture, one young man that I used to know in Lagos who happens to be an electrician came to help me put things in order electrically in my new place. When he finished, he asked me to pray for him, I told him because of what you have done you don’t need prayers you are blessed, he said amen but I don’t even have the money to travel back he said to me, I gave him the money to travel back.

As he was coming down at Iddo Motor Park in Lagos, he met a classmate that he had not seen for years, Ha!! Long time no see, what are you doing now, I am an electrician he answered, then the other one said I am working at the State House come and see me tomorrow, he went and saw him and that one arranged for him to get a Job. 2 weeks later he was riding a brand-new car, all you need is just one single miracle, a single breakthrough and I am decreeing in the name that is above every other name, that single breakthrough that will put an end to poverty in your Life will happen before the end of this year, so that when you return next year you will be singing, I was poor but now I am rich, if you believe that say Amen loud and clear.

Now, when the barren troubles to meet the Redeemer she would return singing I was barren now I am fruitful, you know the story of Hannah in 1st Samuel 1, she had been going to Shiloh for years but on this particular occasion she came to Shiloh and had an encounter with the Redeemer, who is incidentally also called the Fruitful vine John 15:1-2 and she made the contact through the servant of the Living God, because she was praying as she had always prayed, but this time there was a man of God there who made a decree: The Lord grants your request.

I am here tonight not just to preach to you, I can’t preach after the Bishop had preached but I am here tonight to prophesy to someone that the enemy might even think you can never have a child, by the time you return next year, you will be carrying a set of twins.

You might say how can this be, you probably might have heard this testimony before, we were having a program like this back home in Lagos and it was time to pray and your time to pray will come very soon and I have just told everybody to ask whatever they wanted from God and everybody started praying and when everybody was praying I was praying too, because I also needed help and so I closed my eyes to pray, because that was how I was thought when I was a child, not nowadays when you people open your eyes when you’re praying, maybe you want to see Jesus passing by, so I closed my eyes and I was praying and all of a sudden God spoke to me and said open your eyes, I almost said Lord I am praying but I opened my eyes and he pointed someone in the crowd, a lady who was weeping very bitterly and said go and tell her stop weeping, I went to her and tapped her by the shoulder and said my Daddy asked me to tell you stop weeping and immediately her face brighten because she knew at long last God has heard her.

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I have Joy to announce to someone here tonight: Stop weeping, because God has heard you, a year later there was a lady standing before me, a lot of people were on the lineup for prayers and she opened her mouth to speak and the only thing she could say is Jesus, I said yes what can I do for you, she opened her mouth again and said Jesus.

Finally, I said please sister there is still a lot of people on the line, she said I was the lady who was weeping that God said she should weep no more and now it was my turn to weep but this time it was for Joy because on the left hand she was carrying a baby, on the right hand she was carrying another baby, in the name of the same God who has never changed I decree into someone here today, it doesn’t matter what the Doctor may say when you return next year, you will be here with your children.

If the one who is in bondage travels to meet the Redeemer by the time he will return, he will be singing I was bound now I am free, you know the story in Mark 5:2-20, it tells you the story of a mad man, who was so mad that even mad people don’t go near him, he saw the Redeemer coming, he fell at his feet and worshipped him, you know the rest of the story, he didn’t even pray, the demons inside him wouldn’t allow him to pray but the Redeemer took control and all the demons left immediately, by the time he became completely normal he said to the Lord, I will go with you wherever you go, the lord said no, go and tell the people what God has done for you and he went everywhere telling them just one story , I was bound but now I am free.

I don’t know how many people are under one bondage or the other but because you have come to meet with the Redeemer tonight, even by the time you get home, you will be singing I was bound but now I am free and to close this little sermon I want to tell you that there is no way you will have an encounter with the Redeemer and remain the same, you are bound to sing a new song, once you are redeemed you will come back saying I am a different person, different from the fellow you use to know, the Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 5:17, therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, all things have become new, I am sure you have heard my personal testimony before, if you have not I will tell you and them I will let you take a decision tonight.

Before I met the Lord Jesus Christ as a young man, I was a sportsman and photography was my hobby and that was a very dangerous combination for any young man because the end result of it was that I had many girlfriends, so many that I cannot really count, I don’t want to tell you the details, but there was one among them, that we did everything together, I am sure you want to know what that one means but that is none of your business.

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So, after sometimes we parted ways, she got married and I also got married, she disappeared and then I moved from the University of Lagos to the University of Ilorin and her husband was also transferred from his place of work to Ilorin, in the meantime while I was in Ilorin, we had a little Redeemed Christian Church of God branch there and I was Pastoring that one there in addition to being a lecturer.

This Lady came and she had given birth to a child and the child was born lame, in the house where they were living somebody told her if you take your child to this Pastor in this particular place if he prays for your child the Child will walk. So, she came to the mission house, met some people at the veranda and she said please I want to see the Pastor and they said he’s inside so she came inside opened the door and she saw me and so we greeted you know old friends, finally she said I want to see the Pastor, I said yes can I help you, she said I said I want to see the Pastor, I said I am the pastor, she said you, i said yes, You the Pastor, I said yes, she said you will pray and God will answer. She didn’t know that between the time we saw last, I had met the Redeemer, we prayed a single prayer and the child began to walk, I have good news for someone tonight, God is about to turn your life around, if you meet the Redeemer tonight, you will become somebody entirely different, since I met the Redeemer everything I touched has prospered, I am who I am today because I met the Redeemer.

I don’t know if you read the news the little University God helped me to start just a few years ago in the rating of all the Universities in Nigeria that came out about few days ago, that little University has become number 2 in the whole land next to the oldest of all the Universities and people ask how come? When you meet the Redeemer, he changes everything, he changes your failure to success, he changes your sorrow to Joy, he changes your barrenness to fruitfulness, changes your sickness to health, he changes everything from bondage to freedom, from an unknown person to someone who will be known. So, I am going to ask you in your own interest, if you have never surrendered your life to the Redeemer this is an opportunity for you to do so.

If you come to him now, he will save your soul, you will even go home tonight singing I was a sinner now I am redeemed, I was lost now I am found, I was blind now I see, you can go home with hope knowing that from now on your tomorrow will be alright, because the Bible says: Christ in you, the hope of Glory. It doesn’t matter what may be happening in the Country, you know that your own tomorrow will be alright. So, I am going to ask if you really want to surrender your life to Jesus wherever you are will you please stand and the Lord will save your soul, by the next time we meet you will be singing a new song.

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