I Once Stated That Certain Marriages Should Break Up, Rather This What They Did To Me – Apostle Johnson Suleman

A few hours ago the camera captured the founder and senior Preacher of the Omega Fire Ministry known as Apostle Johnson Suleman addressing his congregation on issues surrounding domestic violence. In his address, he said he once noted that certain marriages should break up and he said so, a lot of people attacked him.

Adding that was the reason why he didn’t feel the need to say anything when the sad story about the late Gospel singer happened. Furthermore, he said that now something seems to have gone wrong, everyone is now talking about it as he wonders why would a woman continue to stay in a marriage where her husband keeps beating her without thinking she might be killed one day.

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Moreso he stated that if any of his members are caught or reported to have violated his wife, he will, first of all, obtain permission from the police station. After which such a man will be kept in a room and be made to feel the same thing he did to his woman as he affirmed that it is only a weak man that lay his hands on their wives.

In addition, he went on to ask if those ladies, whose husbands are beating them, don’t have brothers as he says if they don’t seem to have any biological siblings, there are Christian brothers. He however gave a stem warning that nobody should try it in his church if not they will be dealt with as he says this act of wife battering must stop.

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In conclusion, he said that how can a woman who has male siblings be beaten without them taking over the man’s house to make him stop assaulting their sister. Finally, he went on to say that if the marriage is not working anymore, then everybody should go their separate ways instead of losing their life.

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