“I prayed for a man who won an election and then, his opponent took his name to a native doctor but this happened” – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals

Founder of Dunamis International Gospel Center (DIGC) Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche while preaching to his congregation revealed what happened after he prayed for a man who won an election and what his opponent did to him.

In his words,

You know, I prayed for one man who won an election and then, they took his name to a native doctor, his opponent, to turn the whole thing upside down. 

When they arrived at the first native doctor, that one told them, “I can’t do anything about this man”, then the second one told them, “I have two advices for you; 

1. This man, you can’t touch him. 

2. Don’t waste money on native doctors again because you won’t achieve anything with this kind of man.

He therefore urged his congregation to be committed to the work of God so that he can anoint them and rebuke devourers for their sake.

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