I Studied 39 Biographies, and this shocking thing happened to me – Bishop David Oyedepo

There is a lot to learn from predecessors in the faith. They are those that have laboured indefatigably to ensure the move of God is restored on earth and spread into the future for the oncoming generations. Most of the ministrations and works that they had done are anointed hence, those that take time to study what they had done and laid them for the future always gain a lot physically and spiritually. In the light of this, Church Gist has shared a personal experience, shared by the presiding Bishop of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, on his attempt to improve his spiritual life while still a budding minister in the faith. In response, to the instruction of God, he studied 39 biographies of past ministers of God and their various spiritual exploits. This has in turn had a great impact on his spiritual life, and according to his words, “my Empty system came alive”.

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According to Church Gist, as shared bythe cleric, he had just been called into the ministry hence, he knew nothing about it.He went to God in prayers for guidance, and God told him to study God’s Generals that had gone ahead of him. God told him to study the predecessors that have gone ahead of him in the faith to learn about their life and how they lived for God. As mentioned earlier, according to the cleric, he studied 39 biographies of great ministers of God that had come and gone to be with the Lord. The study on how they became what they become in life, how they struggled with temptation or whatsoever the Devil brought around them to impede their services for God; how they were able to overcome him, and their several growths in the faith. According to Church Gist, the cleric became so informed physically and spiritually that, his empty system came alive.

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According to the cleric, the fruitful result he achieved in this was as a result of the fact that he had for long decided not to approach any issue with the light method. He had decided to always move towards resolving physical and spiritual issues with uncommon ways that would attract the attention of heaven for positive results.

Source: Church Gist

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