“I Thank God For Giving Me Another Chance” – Woman Testifies After Contacting Strange Sickness Sleeping With Different Foreigners For Money

A woman learned her lesson the hard way after she contracted an unknown foreign illness which almost took her precious life. This is after she slept with different foreign nationals for Money, luckily for she survived the illness.

She learned her lesson to avoid sleeping with foreigners who came to deceive young girls with money. This why money is a root of all Evil because people are willing to do anything for money.

She almost lost her life because of money this has left a permanent scar on her body. Let’s hope she recovers and gets back to her old self.

In her words

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” I thank God for giving me another chance. I advise my fellow youth especially women not to play too much. Avoid foreigners who come to deceive you with money. I learned it the hard way. I got a foreign illness that almost ended my precious life”

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