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When I married my wife, I had that issue, I thought she was a WITCH. On a very serious note, I thought she was a witch. I thought I made a mistake. Because we married in Church and our Personalities were very different.

For Example, I love Long and Loud Prayers at night. So when I Start praying, She’ll tap Me and say ” My brother in the Lord, Can’t we just sleep? Do you have to pray tonight? 🤣🤣. And I looked at her and say ” This Lady must be possessed ”
Why are you totally against Prayers?

But we came to realise that our socialisation process was really different. She came from Catholic Background, so they have this Straight forward kind of Prayers, but I came from Pentecostal and you should know that the violent should take it by force 🤣. So that’s why I pray long and loud🤣.

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So we got married and we were having issues. We had to take it to our counselor to help us out. I was meant to understand that wife Believes in Prayers but she doesn’t believe in HOW I PRAY. So the difference is there and clear. She’s adjusting and I am also adjusting, to make the marriage EASIER, SWEETER AND ENJOYABLE.

You have the Responsibility to make your marriage WORK.
You need a COUNSELOR.

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