“I used to think that everyone that died in the Lord is in eternity already, But This Is What The Lord opened my eyes to see – Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse Reveals

“The Christian journey is very sensitive. It is a risky journey. It is a journey that requires carefulness. If you want to be a Christian be one from within, not just a Christian in suit or dress because your life on earth will be judged,” these are the candid words of Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse as he espoused on how law of Karma affects Christians in the kingdom way.

Although Karma is not directly in the bible, the law of karma is the law of reaping what you sow as captured in Galatians 6 verse 7; be not deceived; God can not be mocked. Whatever man sows, that shall he reap.

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Most people are reaping what they have done in the past. You can be under grace, but that doesn’t mean you will not reap what you have sown. Grace can forgive you, you can receive mercy, but don’t be excited because of that. Apostle Paul once asked can a man continue in sin and still ask for more grace?

The action of grace is paralyzed when you continue to sin. If you commit a sin and repent of it, and do not go back to the same sin, grace can work for you, but if you sin and ask God for forgiveness but you repeat the same sin, grace cannot work in such case. The next thing that will happen is the law of karma; the consequences of what you have done with your life.

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No matter how close you are to God when you die as a Christian, whatever you have done on earth will be judged before you enter into eternity. Don’t think that after death you will just find yourself in eternity. There will be judgment where your deeds on earth will be open and judged.

I used to think that everyone that died in the Lord is in eternity already. But the Lord opened my eyes and I saw another city that is not eternity. It is a place where believers are kept until the Day of Judgment so that they can be judged before they can enter into the holy place.

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The life that God gives to you is a seed. What you do with the life, at the end of is harvest. The giver of the seed will return to judge the fruits you produce with the seed.

Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse is the senior prophet and general overseer of Freedom for All Nations Church located at van Der Hoff, Kirkney, Pretoria West area of Pretoria.

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