I Was Nearly Disgraced In A Restaurant Where I Went To Eat, I Forgot My Wallet, But God Did This Mircaulously Thing – Evang. Gospel Agochukwu

Pastors are often seen performing miracles but there are times they need miracles too. Apostle Gospel Agochukwu, the founder of Shekinah Arena Gospel Ministries, in a post on their church’s Facebook page, revealed that church members don’t know that the pastor needs the miracle more than them in every service.

He said that he preached favour on Sunday service and was nearly disgraced that day but he didn’t know that God mapped him out for a miracle while preaching. Immediately after service, they had an emergency call from his pastor friend in Abuja to come and fellowship with his family. So they left straight to the airport when the church was dismissed in order not to miss a flight. When they got to the airport, he said that they needed to break their fast, so they went to a fast-food restaurant and ordered food worth about N15,000.

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As they finished, while searching for their ATM card, the attendant said, “Sorry sir, someone paid for you already.” He inquired to know the person but she said, “While you were ordering food, he gave his ATM card and said debit anything man of God will take from me.” According to the man of God, he doesn’t know the person to date. While they were surprised, they discovered they had no ATM card; no cash at hand as they left hurriedly to the airport.

He then revealed that as they arrived at Abuja airport, they picked up their luggage and stepped out. Someone saw him and said, “Man Of God, are you in Abuja? let me take you wherever you are going.” They looked at each other and smiled as the person carried them free of charge. As they got to the hotel, his friend told him that their room is ready and when he asked for the price, he said that it is sorted out already. “My wife had to take a seed and put it in my hands and say ‘lay hands on me sir this is not ordinary,” he said.

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Finally, he said that he couldn’t believe he was experiencing what he just finished preaching on the altar. He then said that the deliverer needs deliverance; the healer needs healing; the counselor needs counselling; the preacher needs to be preached to; the Helper needs help. “May God keeps making name for himself in our lives in Jesus’ name amen,” he prayed.

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