If A Pastor Tells You To Borrow Money And Give Him, Do This Immediately – Pastor Bolaji Idowu Reveals

While preaching to his members, the Founder and General Overseer of the Harvesters International Christian Centre, Pastor Bolaji Idowu, disclosed how to know when a Pastor is lying to you.

He said if you want to know when a pastor is lying, you should look at what he is preaching contextually. How do you do that? You need to read the verses before the particular verse he quoted and the verses after it. He said you could go as far as reading the chapter before it.

He said you should do that because some Pastors deliberately deviate from the actual message in a verse and bend it to soothe themselves. To corroborate his points, he referred to a preacher who wanted to heal someone and quoted a verse where Elisha stretched his hands to heal a child. However, the preacher interpreted it that he will stretch like Elisha but the woman will have to take off her clothing. According to Pastor Idowu, the woman got pregnant after the prayers.

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If the woman had understood the Bible verse the preacher quoted contextually, it wouldn’t have happened. “If a Pastor tells you to go and borrow money to give him, you will look into the Bible and tell him that Jesus did not give such an instruction when he was on the earth and people are supposed to give as God has blessed them”, he concluded.

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