If You Always Fast And Pray To Break Addiction In Your Life, You Will Sin More – Pastor Abel Damina Reveals Why

Controversial Nigerian televangelist who is the Founder and General Overseer of Abel Damina Ministries, Pastor Dr. Abel Damina who spoke today on “Soteria Season 9” via a live broadcast on his verified Facebook handle, faulted believers who apply Mathew 5:30 literally in their lives.

Mathew 5:30 says, “If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee”. According to Pastor Dr. Abel Damina from 1hr 28 minutes into the video: “I want you to note that once you accept Jesus, you live in the spirit. This is why a believer can manifest the fruits of the spirit. If you are not of the spirit, sin will dominate you.

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“The works of the flesh is not the work of the physical body. So stop fasting & praying to break sin in your life because every time you finish the fast, you will sin more. Stop punishing your body to overcome an addiction. You don’t overcome an addiction by self discipline.

“Something controlled your hand to steal, it was not your hand that stole. Even when your hand was saying no, something greater than it was controlling it. Look for the control button. Jesus was only speaking in parable, He wasn’t talking about cutting off of hands. If that Bible verse should be applied the same way, the church will be filled with disabled members”.

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